Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow men, Snow specks, same thing.

We have this void in our kitchen's been nicknamed "The Chasm of death" lol(after the Ice Age movie).
Our dishwasher broke and the repair was going to cost nearly as much as a new dishwasher!
Since I mostly use my dishwasher as a place to store my recyclables and rarely to actually wash dishes, we decided to replace the dishwasher with a more functional (for us anyways) cabinet.
Until we get the cabinet, we have this hollow spot in our kitchen.
DH and I keep forgetting the dishwasher is not there anymore and go to lean against it and stumble.
I automatically went to put my recycling into the dishwasher and kinda threw the bottle against the wall in its absent spot instead...oops!

Shiloh now seems to think our kitchen has become like one of the puzzles in her much-loved "High Five" magazines.
Several times she has walked into the kitchen and said
"Hmm, something is missing in the kitchen...What is it? Hmmm?"
She taps a finger on her chin to show that she is really thinking about it.
"I know! The dishwasher is missing! Yay! I did it!"

It snowed today...a lot.

See..a lot of snow. (that's my leg in case you couldn't tell)

The girls loved it, we played outside for nearly an hour.
Well, I had to shovel a path first...otherwise they could barely move in all the snow.

Vivi kept grabbing little handfuls of snow and saying "Look I made a snowman!" then she'd carefully put it down and clap her hands "I did it!".
She loved that until she clapped her hands a little too vigorously and snow went all over her face.
She didn't know if she should cry or laugh or what. :)
Then she got some snow in her mouth and she just stood there with her mouth open, finally she closed her mouth and rolled it around a little....and quickly looked at me to see if I had noticed.  ;-)
They climbed all over the place, made snow angels and slid down our snowbank. Made snowballs and of course Vivi's little handfuls of snow "men".
I think they'll sleep good tonight. :)

When it was time to come in, I was the one whining. "Is anyone else cold?" ;-)

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