Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something new...

Yesterday afternoon Shiloh came down with a stomach bug.
She said she was tired and soon after that she fell asleep on the couch, which isn't really unusual. Then about an hour later she started getting sick. :(
I was sitting next to her on the floor going through magazines and deciding which ones to toss.
Shiloh made the decision a lot easier with some of them....

Both girls were sobbing. Did a quick clean up, gave both girls a bath, then started a huge load of laundry (entire couch slipcover, cushion cover, pillow, pillow cover, bath mat, Shiloh's get the idea).
Shi had a low-grade fever and nothing seemed to help that. :(

About an hour after I put the girls to bed, Shi woke up sick again. Cleaned her up and gave her a quick shower and change of clothes, then set her in my bed with a show to watch and a bucket and towel.
I then took a flashlight and tackled changing her bed and finding linens in the dark and doing it as quietly as possible so I wouldn't wake Vivian.
So thankful (for whatever reason) I found that I had put both a mattress protector and a crib protector sheet on Shiloh's bed. I really needed both!
Started another load of laundry and cuddled with Shi until she was ready to go back to sleep.

This morning Shiloh was feeling much better and fever-free and Vivian was eager to tell the story.
"Shiwo trew up on da couch! Shiwo no sit on couch. She make it messy. Shiwo trew up on da couch! is yucky!"

I bought a new bathroom rug. The old one had been through a lot...
Old rug

New Rug

I also found these curtains.
Which match my couch covers! (this is a photo of the loveseat cover since the couch cover is still drying and not on the couch I can't take a photo of the whole effect yet.)
Well, it's a little hard to tell from the quality of these photos but they do match well.
The curtains have a bit more brown in them but considering that the covers and curtains came from two totally different places...I'm impressed with my find. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

These sneakers...

Back on the treadmill again...
I had to take a break for several days when my "toning" sneakers caused my sciatic nerve to be tweaked.
I started walking much slower now and when walking I can feel it's working that gluteal muscle.
My hope is that I can keep from pinching that nerve and maybe working that muscle will help prevent pinching it in the future...hey I can dream, right? ;-)
I usually put on a movie for the girls while I walk, and it gives me something to focus on too.
It really doesn't matter what I put on though, the girls bring whatever they're playing with or coloring on into the same room with me instead of watching.

Today Shiloh discovered that some of her little magnetic stuffed animals would attach to the treadmill. So she arranged them so they could watch me, lol.
Today was good and I made it through 25 minutes of walking without interruption....or rather without anything happening that couldn't be handled while still walking on the treadmill.
That's pretty amazing!
Usually I frequently have to stop for potty emergencies, or children handing me cups that were full a second ago and just shrugging when I ask where the drink went, or Shiloh running to me saying "I didn't mean it!"
You get the idea...

Vivi is doing great with potty-training, only using a diaper for nighttime (which is sometimes dry) and if we're on a big shopping trip.
When I can get her to "go" on request before bedtime or before leaving for a store then we'll try going without those diapers as well.

Shi is using the bathroom fully on her own now, but even with our step stool she couldn't reach to turn on the water and wash her hands afterwards.
So I brought out a little bottle of hand sanitizer (well actually two since the first one, Shiloh wasn't strong enough to squeeze to get anything out of) and that has worked great.
Except Shiloh loves the smell of the sanitizer and every single time she uses it she asks me to smell her hands.
I asked her "Shiloh, am I going to have to smell your hands every time you go to the bathroom?" She looked at me, surprised "Yes!" long as I know.

We bought Shiloh a box of projects that they had in the craft dept. of Wal-Mart. It's for ages 4+ and has coloring pages and markers, beads and molding clay and other things I haven't even sorted out yet.
Shiloh calls it her "homework" which was confusing since she'd ask to do her homework and I'd pull out her math book and she'd say "Noo, that's my schoolwork, I want to do my homework in a box."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shopping and new sneakers

So windy here!
Our power went out for about 45 minutes already today. Hoping it stays on now.
At least it is a nice sunny day. The girls only noticed that there were no bubbles in the fish tank (from the aerator) and that was the only thing that concerned them about the power outage.

I took the girls to the Dollar store the other day.
They had just stocked in tons of artificial flowers and so I walked down the aisle browsing, as both girls were behind me running from flower to flower and saying "Mmm, that smells nice! Mmm, this one smells nice too! Smell this one, Mama!" lol

We also stopped at Aldi's to pick up some bananas and a few other groceries.
Vivi was down to about two bananas at home and she was nervous about running out! The girl likes bananas!

She handed me a pen that wasn't working and told me "dis don't work, need charge it!"
Hmm, growing up in the electronic age...
Vivian is so detail oriented too. Yesterday she was serving me some plastic strawberries and took this little plastic knife and was pretending to use it to hull all of the strawberries!
I couldn't believe she pays attention to such tiny details!
I guess that is why she is so good at memorizing.

DH bought some new house/treadmill sneakers for me.
I've started walking on my treadmill again and Shiloh has become my little trainer
"Mom! You didn't walk on the treadmill yet! Mom! You gotta walk on the treadmill!" She's my own Jillian Michaels!

Anyways my sneakers are pretty beat up.
I had to wash them and I didn't realize how threadbare they had become, so the washing machine didn't help with that.
Now I can see my socks from places where you're not supposed to see your socks.
These new sneakers might take some adjustment time though, they are a balancing type but not the kind that is bad for your knees.
Those type of sneakers actually started hurting my legs as soon as I tried them on!
Anyways the ones I got are supposed to help tone your legs.
We'll see!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Snow day to Sunny day

I think we're finally cleared out from our last big snowstorm.
Hopefully it doesn't snow much more because there's no place to put it! Our snowbank is over my head!

A belt on our snowblower broke during the storm too, and my truck was buried in the garage so it took awhile to get our driveway cleared.
I'm still sore from shoveling! Shiloh was pretending to swim in our driveway in all the snow. :)
She thought it was great. Vivi kept falling though, it was too deep for her!
The snow also brought down a big tree in the middle of the road, it closed off our street for quite awhile.

The girls have started watching "The Sound of Music". Vivi is a little confused because she recognizes "Mary Poppins" but keeps saying "dats not Mary Poppin hat!" lol

Sometimes Vivi is still hard to understand but she talks sooo much!
We have a book with the story of Jonah in it. Vivian loves the pictures and she wants to talk so much about the pictures that I can barely get two words in edgewise.
She asks for the story just about every night now.
"dat jonah? he ha orange hair. he ha orange hair. dat his toes? fish eat his toes? why fish eat toes?"
"The fish swallows all of Jonah, not just his toes"
"no toes? dat crab comin next to him! oooh!! (she shudders)
Look! Look! fish spit! fish spit! why fish spit?!"
"God told him to spit out Jonah"
"Ohhh. He got seaweed on his leg! Look! He got seaweed on his leg!" ;-)

Yesterday the sun was shining so much that our porch warmed up really nicely.
I took off my shoes and socks and soon the girls were taking theirs off and asking to have their nails painted.
We haven't done that in a long time it seems. So I pulled out all our (60 second) nail polishes and we did mani/pedi's. :) Vivian is much better than last year, she can stay still better and is not quite so ticklish. ;-D

Waiting for tiny toenails to dry...

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Got Cake?

Yesterday was such a nice sunny nice, and especially nice day for my birthday!
I had a nice party with my family on the weekend with a delicious homemade chocolate cake, yum!
Then I made a cake the evening before my actual birthday, the girls voted for chocolate cake with pink and purple frosting. They wanted to help decorate it but it was past their bedtime by the time it cooled.
Then DH came home from work on my birthday eve with a chocolate cake and some roses for me. :)
Three Chocolate cakes for my birthday...does my family know me or what? Makes it a birthday to remember! One from my family, one from my hubby, and one from my girls!

I took the girls to Target on my birthday, we hadn't been there in a long time!
I mostly browsed the clearance racks and found a few warm shirts for Shiloh for next winter. I found the best deals in the boys' dept! Shhh! ;-)
She's my petite princess so it's hard to guess for next winter, but shirts/sweaters can always have the sleeves folded up. Pants are more difficult, she has quite a few size 4 pants that she doesn't yet fit into.

Her schoolwork has been dragging this week...or rather Shi's been making it drag.
Vivi woke her up too early the other day and so she was out of sorts. Then she was writing all her numbers backwards, she's never had that much trouble with so many numbers before.
I'd erase the number, and she'd rewrite it backwards.
She was really stuck in backwards mode because once I got her past writing 1-10 correctly, then all the teens were being written backwards as well...both the numbers themselves and their placement.
By the end of her numbers practice I was actually thankful that 0,1, and 8 just can't be written backwards!

Today she did better and actually wrote 1-49. She still had trouble with 5, and occasionally 3 and 7, just figuring out which direction they face.
She's doing well with her adding, she's just having a little delay with realizing that adding "0" to a number, is adding nothing. She has to have a visual or actually count it out to realize the total.
I think I may make up a work sheet for her just adding zero to numbers as additional practice, I can tell it's just hasn't clicked yet.
Vivi is actually learning her numbers pretty well from hearing me repeat them to Shiloh so often. Today I was asking Shiloh "What comes after 13? 11...12...13......"
Vivi piped right up and said 14!
Now she thinks it's a fun game to guess before Shiloh does, lol.

I was sewing up a pillow cover the other day and I poked my finger with the needle.
The girls were concerned so I showed them the little dot of blood on my finger, and told Shiloh that was why I wouldn't let her help me sew like she had been begging...because needles are sharp!
Shiloh frowned at my finger "I would tiss it but I don't wanna get blood on my lips."
Vivian also shook her head and covered her lips with her hands for good measure.
I pretended to be sad "Who is going to kiss my finger and make it feel better?"
Vivian piped up "Dada! Dada tiss it!" ;-)

Viv had to inspect all my fingers later to make sure it had stopped bleeding.
She's nervous about blood now since cutting her lip. Several times she has touched her lip and said "it not beeding, it not beeding" and any time she bumps any part of her body that she can't see, she is nervous that she is bleeding.
Poor traumatized baby! :(

She wants to do so much by herself. Get herself dressed, climb into the truck (which she physically can't), get into her carseat, buckle her carseat, help me with the laundry, shut off the nightlight.
She has all these little jobs that she claims as just hers. There are a lot of tears too if someone else shuts off the nightlight!
Shiloh has always been content to have everything taken care of for her. I don't think it even occurred to her to dress herself until Vivi started insisting on dressing herself.
Sort of like both my babies are growing up at the same time!
Now I can lay out their clothes for them each morning and they dress themselves when they wake up. Dresses are a bit too complicated and they both need help with different things but for the most part they do it themselves....
And the best part???
It takes my early birds a l-o-n-g time to get dressed, so I get some extra sleep! I have to pop up once in awhile to untangle a child from a sleeve or do a button, but I still get more rest than when I was dressing them both myself. :)