Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Got Cake?

Yesterday was such a nice sunny nice, and especially nice day for my birthday!
I had a nice party with my family on the weekend with a delicious homemade chocolate cake, yum!
Then I made a cake the evening before my actual birthday, the girls voted for chocolate cake with pink and purple frosting. They wanted to help decorate it but it was past their bedtime by the time it cooled.
Then DH came home from work on my birthday eve with a chocolate cake and some roses for me. :)
Three Chocolate cakes for my birthday...does my family know me or what? Makes it a birthday to remember! One from my family, one from my hubby, and one from my girls!

I took the girls to Target on my birthday, we hadn't been there in a long time!
I mostly browsed the clearance racks and found a few warm shirts for Shiloh for next winter. I found the best deals in the boys' dept! Shhh! ;-)
She's my petite princess so it's hard to guess for next winter, but shirts/sweaters can always have the sleeves folded up. Pants are more difficult, she has quite a few size 4 pants that she doesn't yet fit into.

Her schoolwork has been dragging this week...or rather Shi's been making it drag.
Vivi woke her up too early the other day and so she was out of sorts. Then she was writing all her numbers backwards, she's never had that much trouble with so many numbers before.
I'd erase the number, and she'd rewrite it backwards.
She was really stuck in backwards mode because once I got her past writing 1-10 correctly, then all the teens were being written backwards as well...both the numbers themselves and their placement.
By the end of her numbers practice I was actually thankful that 0,1, and 8 just can't be written backwards!

Today she did better and actually wrote 1-49. She still had trouble with 5, and occasionally 3 and 7, just figuring out which direction they face.
She's doing well with her adding, she's just having a little delay with realizing that adding "0" to a number, is adding nothing. She has to have a visual or actually count it out to realize the total.
I think I may make up a work sheet for her just adding zero to numbers as additional practice, I can tell it's just hasn't clicked yet.
Vivi is actually learning her numbers pretty well from hearing me repeat them to Shiloh so often. Today I was asking Shiloh "What comes after 13? 11...12...13......"
Vivi piped right up and said 14!
Now she thinks it's a fun game to guess before Shiloh does, lol.

I was sewing up a pillow cover the other day and I poked my finger with the needle.
The girls were concerned so I showed them the little dot of blood on my finger, and told Shiloh that was why I wouldn't let her help me sew like she had been begging...because needles are sharp!
Shiloh frowned at my finger "I would tiss it but I don't wanna get blood on my lips."
Vivian also shook her head and covered her lips with her hands for good measure.
I pretended to be sad "Who is going to kiss my finger and make it feel better?"
Vivian piped up "Dada! Dada tiss it!" ;-)

Viv had to inspect all my fingers later to make sure it had stopped bleeding.
She's nervous about blood now since cutting her lip. Several times she has touched her lip and said "it not beeding, it not beeding" and any time she bumps any part of her body that she can't see, she is nervous that she is bleeding.
Poor traumatized baby! :(

She wants to do so much by herself. Get herself dressed, climb into the truck (which she physically can't), get into her carseat, buckle her carseat, help me with the laundry, shut off the nightlight.
She has all these little jobs that she claims as just hers. There are a lot of tears too if someone else shuts off the nightlight!
Shiloh has always been content to have everything taken care of for her. I don't think it even occurred to her to dress herself until Vivi started insisting on dressing herself.
Sort of like both my babies are growing up at the same time!
Now I can lay out their clothes for them each morning and they dress themselves when they wake up. Dresses are a bit too complicated and they both need help with different things but for the most part they do it themselves....
And the best part???
It takes my early birds a l-o-n-g time to get dressed, so I get some extra sleep! I have to pop up once in awhile to untangle a child from a sleeve or do a button, but I still get more rest than when I was dressing them both myself. :)

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