Friday, March 18, 2011

Shopping and new sneakers

So windy here!
Our power went out for about 45 minutes already today. Hoping it stays on now.
At least it is a nice sunny day. The girls only noticed that there were no bubbles in the fish tank (from the aerator) and that was the only thing that concerned them about the power outage.

I took the girls to the Dollar store the other day.
They had just stocked in tons of artificial flowers and so I walked down the aisle browsing, as both girls were behind me running from flower to flower and saying "Mmm, that smells nice! Mmm, this one smells nice too! Smell this one, Mama!" lol

We also stopped at Aldi's to pick up some bananas and a few other groceries.
Vivi was down to about two bananas at home and she was nervous about running out! The girl likes bananas!

She handed me a pen that wasn't working and told me "dis don't work, need charge it!"
Hmm, growing up in the electronic age...
Vivian is so detail oriented too. Yesterday she was serving me some plastic strawberries and took this little plastic knife and was pretending to use it to hull all of the strawberries!
I couldn't believe she pays attention to such tiny details!
I guess that is why she is so good at memorizing.

DH bought some new house/treadmill sneakers for me.
I've started walking on my treadmill again and Shiloh has become my little trainer
"Mom! You didn't walk on the treadmill yet! Mom! You gotta walk on the treadmill!" She's my own Jillian Michaels!

Anyways my sneakers are pretty beat up.
I had to wash them and I didn't realize how threadbare they had become, so the washing machine didn't help with that.
Now I can see my socks from places where you're not supposed to see your socks.
These new sneakers might take some adjustment time though, they are a balancing type but not the kind that is bad for your knees.
Those type of sneakers actually started hurting my legs as soon as I tried them on!
Anyways the ones I got are supposed to help tone your legs.
We'll see!

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