Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Snow day to Sunny day

I think we're finally cleared out from our last big snowstorm.
Hopefully it doesn't snow much more because there's no place to put it! Our snowbank is over my head!

A belt on our snowblower broke during the storm too, and my truck was buried in the garage so it took awhile to get our driveway cleared.
I'm still sore from shoveling! Shiloh was pretending to swim in our driveway in all the snow. :)
She thought it was great. Vivi kept falling though, it was too deep for her!
The snow also brought down a big tree in the middle of the road, it closed off our street for quite awhile.

The girls have started watching "The Sound of Music". Vivi is a little confused because she recognizes "Mary Poppins" but keeps saying "dats not Mary Poppin hat!" lol

Sometimes Vivi is still hard to understand but she talks sooo much!
We have a book with the story of Jonah in it. Vivian loves the pictures and she wants to talk so much about the pictures that I can barely get two words in edgewise.
She asks for the story just about every night now.
"dat jonah? he ha orange hair. he ha orange hair. dat his toes? fish eat his toes? why fish eat toes?"
"The fish swallows all of Jonah, not just his toes"
"no toes? dat crab comin next to him! oooh!! (she shudders)
Look! Look! fish spit! fish spit! why fish spit?!"
"God told him to spit out Jonah"
"Ohhh. He got seaweed on his leg! Look! He got seaweed on his leg!" ;-)

Yesterday the sun was shining so much that our porch warmed up really nicely.
I took off my shoes and socks and soon the girls were taking theirs off and asking to have their nails painted.
We haven't done that in a long time it seems. So I pulled out all our (60 second) nail polishes and we did mani/pedi's. :) Vivian is much better than last year, she can stay still better and is not quite so ticklish. ;-D

Waiting for tiny toenails to dry...

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