Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something new...

Yesterday afternoon Shiloh came down with a stomach bug.
She said she was tired and soon after that she fell asleep on the couch, which isn't really unusual. Then about an hour later she started getting sick. :(
I was sitting next to her on the floor going through magazines and deciding which ones to toss.
Shiloh made the decision a lot easier with some of them....

Both girls were sobbing. Did a quick clean up, gave both girls a bath, then started a huge load of laundry (entire couch slipcover, cushion cover, pillow, pillow cover, bath mat, Shiloh's get the idea).
Shi had a low-grade fever and nothing seemed to help that. :(

About an hour after I put the girls to bed, Shi woke up sick again. Cleaned her up and gave her a quick shower and change of clothes, then set her in my bed with a show to watch and a bucket and towel.
I then took a flashlight and tackled changing her bed and finding linens in the dark and doing it as quietly as possible so I wouldn't wake Vivian.
So thankful (for whatever reason) I found that I had put both a mattress protector and a crib protector sheet on Shiloh's bed. I really needed both!
Started another load of laundry and cuddled with Shi until she was ready to go back to sleep.

This morning Shiloh was feeling much better and fever-free and Vivian was eager to tell the story.
"Shiwo trew up on da couch! Shiwo no sit on couch. She make it messy. Shiwo trew up on da couch! is yucky!"

I bought a new bathroom rug. The old one had been through a lot...
Old rug

New Rug

I also found these curtains.
Which match my couch covers! (this is a photo of the loveseat cover since the couch cover is still drying and not on the couch I can't take a photo of the whole effect yet.)
Well, it's a little hard to tell from the quality of these photos but they do match well.
The curtains have a bit more brown in them but considering that the covers and curtains came from two totally different places...I'm impressed with my find. :)

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