Monday, March 28, 2011

These sneakers...

Back on the treadmill again...
I had to take a break for several days when my "toning" sneakers caused my sciatic nerve to be tweaked.
I started walking much slower now and when walking I can feel it's working that gluteal muscle.
My hope is that I can keep from pinching that nerve and maybe working that muscle will help prevent pinching it in the future...hey I can dream, right? ;-)
I usually put on a movie for the girls while I walk, and it gives me something to focus on too.
It really doesn't matter what I put on though, the girls bring whatever they're playing with or coloring on into the same room with me instead of watching.

Today Shiloh discovered that some of her little magnetic stuffed animals would attach to the treadmill. So she arranged them so they could watch me, lol.
Today was good and I made it through 25 minutes of walking without interruption....or rather without anything happening that couldn't be handled while still walking on the treadmill.
That's pretty amazing!
Usually I frequently have to stop for potty emergencies, or children handing me cups that were full a second ago and just shrugging when I ask where the drink went, or Shiloh running to me saying "I didn't mean it!"
You get the idea...

Vivi is doing great with potty-training, only using a diaper for nighttime (which is sometimes dry) and if we're on a big shopping trip.
When I can get her to "go" on request before bedtime or before leaving for a store then we'll try going without those diapers as well.

Shi is using the bathroom fully on her own now, but even with our step stool she couldn't reach to turn on the water and wash her hands afterwards.
So I brought out a little bottle of hand sanitizer (well actually two since the first one, Shiloh wasn't strong enough to squeeze to get anything out of) and that has worked great.
Except Shiloh loves the smell of the sanitizer and every single time she uses it she asks me to smell her hands.
I asked her "Shiloh, am I going to have to smell your hands every time you go to the bathroom?" She looked at me, surprised "Yes!" long as I know.

We bought Shiloh a box of projects that they had in the craft dept. of Wal-Mart. It's for ages 4+ and has coloring pages and markers, beads and molding clay and other things I haven't even sorted out yet.
Shiloh calls it her "homework" which was confusing since she'd ask to do her homework and I'd pull out her math book and she'd say "Noo, that's my schoolwork, I want to do my homework in a box."

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