Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here comes the Sun...

Finally we've had some nice weather and some big storms too!
The girls and I spent quite a few hours this week playing outside.

One day they were quite the drama queens though.
They both sat on their bikes, sobbing.
Shiloh was crying because there were a few rumbles of thunder that scared her, Vivian was upset because all the storms had washed some worms onto the driveway and into the garage and she was afraid of them....BUT neither one wanted to get off their bikes and go inside!
Vivi was fine once I swept away all the worms. Shi-Shi would be fine for a few minutes and then cry again...but that was kind of an afternoon activity for her that day. I think she was overtired.

We had quite a few lightning and thunder storms, both at day and night. Some of the night storms were quite loud so I think that messed up Shiloh's sleep a lot.

It's even been warm enough that I ventured to hang out the hummingbird feeder. Vivi was looking for the hummingbirds right away. :)

I had to pull out some short-sleeved shirts for the girls. Vivian always has a hard time getting used to short sleeves. She tugs at her sleeves and giggles "my arm hanging out! look! where my sleeve go?" Then she insists on a sweater or jacket, she must have something to cover up her arms.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, as soon as it warmed up Shiloh abandoned anything with long-sleeves and both her shoes and socks!

They both keep asking for me to set up the pool...even today when Vivi is wearing three shirts! (her fashion style is layers....lots of layers!) :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Visited by the Easter bunny today...

See! He's smaller than I expected!
I was looking out our back door this afternoon and saw this bunny sitting next to our steps.
Shiloh was so excited, she said "It's Easter!! Cause Easter always has bunnies!!"

How was your Easter? Let me wipe the chocolate off my fingers before I type any more. Such a delicious holiday. :)
We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The girls were thrilled to get to spend two days of the weekend at Grama's house. The first day they colored eggs and the next day we had our big meal and family gathering.
DH took the kids to fly a kite. Vivian has watched "Mary Poppins" too many times and kept saying "let go fly kite, fly kite is easy!" After yesterday though, both girls say that flying a kite is hard. lol.
A combo of not enough wind and too many trees and power lines made it not ideal kite conditions.

Mondays like to come on way too strong!
I mean to start out a rainy morning where it is hard to drag yourself out of bed...typical.
Bad hair day that looks like I borrowed Sharon Osbourne's do, a sobbing hysterical 2 year old, and a week long forecast of rain and storms. Impressive.
But finding maple syrup has leaked all inside your cupboard and on, that is a Monday.
I don't know how it did it and I don't want to know, quite frankly.

Last week I had a lot of mending/sewing to do. Fixing some pajamas, re-pompoming (yes, that counts as a word) some slippers, reattaching a strand of beads to one of the girls princess costumes, and sewing this little micro button and overall straps for the girls' bear toy...which used to be my bear toy. :)
Took a little time to find a needle small enough to go through the button!
It's been such crazy weather. It's snowed a few times this past week, hopefully it will warm up a little soon.
I am getting so bored of my winter wardrobe. I'm ready to pull out my summer stuff, just not ready to shiver in them. lol.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A tired Tuesday

Vivian woke me up somewhere between 4-5am. ugh.
I brought her downstairs to lay on the couch, but the hamster cage is downstairs and apparently that is the hamster's nutso time (since hamsters are nocturnal) and so it was so noisy that I couldn't sleep at all.
I was debating between putting the cage in the bathroom and shutting the door or seeing if I could leave Vivian (who didn't seem to mind the scurrying, thumps, and scratching noises) on the couch and go back to my bed.
Then Shiloh woke up with some kind of dream about Vivian, and basically that was it for my sleep. :(

The hamster is yet nameless, we try out a name here and there but nothing has stuck yet. We might have one chosen, but we'll have to see if it sticks...
She is quite energetic but pretty friendly for a hamster...especially a new one.
I really do like this breed of hamster, the Roborovski Hamsters.
She barely drinks anything, so the mess in her cage is much less than a full-sized hamster. She also only eats like a tablespoon of food and her favorite thing is a toilet paper tube, certainly an economical pet. lol.
I try to do a cleaning/socializing time each day with her, but that doesn't work out every day.
Usually the girls like to be there too, though today they opted to play on the Starfall website instead. ;-)
Shi has even tried to pet/touch her, but I think that the only downfall of this hamster is that she's just so fast!

Then Shiloh was fiddling with the bathroom door and locked and closed it from the outside, with no one inside.
It has the type of doorknob that looks like it would open with a bent hanger, but after about 10 minutes of trying I could not get it open.
I had to unscrew the doorknob!
That was fun...and greasy...
My kiddos like to keep me busy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Can your Happy Meal do this?

Earth Day is coming up this week, Friday to be exact. (April 22).
I've been looking for something to do with the girls for Earth Day. I had planned on planting our seeds for the garden, but we already did that earlier and actually have little bits of green poking up already!
I really haven't seen many promotions this year for Earth Day.
I remember when McDonald's gave away tiny trees with their Happy Meals for Earth Day.
It was awhile ago, we won't go into how long you know how I love that.
Anyways it was long enough for a tiny sapling to turn into this big green monster!
I think it's a big achievement for a start in a Happy Meal. lol.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Fast and the Furry

DH and I had been talking about getting a little pet for the girls.
We already have a sociable goldfish, he swims right over when he sees you and practically eats from your hand.
Vivian loves to feed him. :)
Now that Vivian is potty-trained, I have all this free time to care for a pet...right? lol
Vivi actually decided for herself that she didn't need a night-time diaper anymore and she hasn't used one for the past three or four night and has been nice and dry! Yay!

Anyways back to the pet, we decided to get a hamster.
 DH called the pet store to ask about the ages of their hamsters and prices. I knew we wanted a young hamster since they only live 2-3 years.
I did a little research to prepare, and washed up my old hamster cage.

First we needed to stop at Wal-Mart for hamster food and bedding, and a new water bottle since I discovered my old one was leaking a flood.
DH had a lot of questions for me since he's never had a hamster before, he had rabbits and small turtles as a child but no hamsters.
I only had a hamster for a few months so I am not an expert, I just research online what I don't know.
I noted that some of the food and bedding materials offered in Wal-Mart were much different than what was available when I had my hamster.
DH said "Well, it was 20 years ago that you had your hamster...."
"What?! (guffaw) What are you talking about? Twenty years?? I was thirteen when I had my hamster....and that's.....only.....oh...."
Anyhow not a great way to start out the day...

We picked up our hamster supplies and after a bit more shopping, headed to the pet store.
The pet store had quite a variety of hamsters! We looked them over for a bit then DH asked the staff which breed was gentle and least likely to bite.
The lady immediately opened the cage for Robo Hamsters.
Oh my, it was like a dozen Speedy Gonzales in there! When the lady scooped up one of the Hamsters she held it like one would hold a water snake toy! Hand over hand over hand!
Um, I think they don't bite because no one can catch them??

Introducing our (at the moment, nameless) Robo Hamster. (or as DH calls it "Robot Hamster")
It's actually a Roborovski hamster.
Isn't she cute?
At least we think she is a she. The lady wasn't 100% percent sure.
She is so tiny that she couldn't use the wire exercise wheel that is in the cage because her feet are so small! I removed it this morning and gave her a toilet paper tube instead.
She immediately claimed the tube and has napped and eaten in it all afternoon, so I think it was a good exchange. :)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Approachable me..

I am used to little old ladies asking me for assistance when I am shopping, things like where the Jello is located or to reach something for them.

Lately though, the strangers asking me for assistance has gotten a bit...bizarre!
I recently had a man ask me what color the stripes were in a shirt. Kinda weird to me but he was trying to match a tie to a shirt and I think men are not so good at colors so I didn't think too much about it.

But yesterday I was walking up a shampoo aisle, and this older man asked for help with a bottle of shampoo he's holding.
I thought, oh that's sweet he's running errands for his wife and doesn't want to pick up the wrong shampoo for her.
Old man (with halitosis by the way) wants to find a shampoo for himself that will make his hair fuller so he doesn't have to blow dry it.
Where to begin....
  1. Old man needs a breath mint more than shampoo...
  2. Old man doesn't have enough hair to worry about making it fuller...
  3. Old man wants magic shampoo and is only looking at the cheapest brand in the store...
I politely told him that he was holding volumizing shampoo so that was what he wants.
"But" he persists "...will it make my hair fuller so I don't have to blow dry it?"
  1. Breath!
  2. Mint!
  3. I don't know...
  4. I don't care...
  5. What in the world are you blow-drying? Your hair is 1/2" long, blow-drying it is not going to make it stand up any taller. This is a fact.
Then annoying halitosis old man whines says "They don't have the conditioner that goes with this shampoo. Can I use this other conditioner...I probably should use the same conditioner, right?"
  1. Seriously?!?!?!
  2. I mean REALLY?!?!?!
  3. And again, Breath mint!
  4. "I'm sorry Sir, if you use that conditioner with that shampoo your head will explode...
  5. Also, If you keeping annoying me, your head will explode..."
  6. On the up side, the explosion should make your hair nice and full....and talk about a blow dry!
I am a harried Mom, with a cart full of kids who are snacking on graham crackers and covered in crumbs.
I have crayons and hairbows in my pockets.
My own hair has growing-out bangs that I haven't decided what to with yet so I had them pulled back into a quick elastic tie.
My eyes are bleary because neither of my children slept well the night before.
The whole reason I was in the aisle was that I was looking for dry shampoo.... need I say more?

I wouldn't have asked myself what Q-tip I should buy, much less which shampoo!
Ahem, okay rant over.

On a nice shopping trip to Target recently, we had just finished shopping and I was getting the girls into their coats when a Starbucks barista came out of the little cafe inside Target, and offered me a sample of their Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino.
(Sooo delicious!!)
But not only that he offered me one for each of the girls too!
So nice and the girls loved their drinks as well. The drink was made with soy too, so I didn't have to worry about Vivi's stomach. :)

The little cups were just the cutest, so I decided to reuse them as little containers for a mini herb garden.

Shiloh helped me fill the cups with dirt and seeds and kept saying "That was so nice of that Tygit man to give us these cups, Mama!" :)
We also started seeds of Acorn Squash, Zucchini, and Green Beans. I need to start some Tomatoes and I'm not sure if I want to do anything else yet...or if I'll have enough room too.
So excited that the weather has been nicer and I can start to think about planting and my garden. :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

A gorilla in my pocket...

This morning as I sat down to breakfast, I felt a small lump in the pocket of my sweater.
Along with an assortment of little girl hairties and barrettes, I found a gorilla in my pocket.
It kinda scared me at first, didn't know what in the world this little black lump was...especially considering it was in my pocket!

Vivian immediately grabbed the gorilla and said "Look! Look! da gorilla is eatin' my pancakes!"

It was a nice sunny day yesterday...though a bit breezy. I took the girls out to play for a bit and they rode bikes, or rather Mommy pushed them around on their bikes. :)
Then they helped me rake, and blew bubbles. Played T-ball (which involved hitting the T more than the ball) and badminton and drew with chalk.
I think, despite their excitement over snow, that the girls are ready for Spring and nice weather.
We found a wooly bear caterpillar, which Shiloh even held (while it was curled up).
Did you know that a Wooly bear turns into an Isabella tiger moth? Just researching it a little. :)

Yay, it's April!