Friday, April 15, 2011

The Fast and the Furry

DH and I had been talking about getting a little pet for the girls.
We already have a sociable goldfish, he swims right over when he sees you and practically eats from your hand.
Vivian loves to feed him. :)
Now that Vivian is potty-trained, I have all this free time to care for a pet...right? lol
Vivi actually decided for herself that she didn't need a night-time diaper anymore and she hasn't used one for the past three or four night and has been nice and dry! Yay!

Anyways back to the pet, we decided to get a hamster.
 DH called the pet store to ask about the ages of their hamsters and prices. I knew we wanted a young hamster since they only live 2-3 years.
I did a little research to prepare, and washed up my old hamster cage.

First we needed to stop at Wal-Mart for hamster food and bedding, and a new water bottle since I discovered my old one was leaking a flood.
DH had a lot of questions for me since he's never had a hamster before, he had rabbits and small turtles as a child but no hamsters.
I only had a hamster for a few months so I am not an expert, I just research online what I don't know.
I noted that some of the food and bedding materials offered in Wal-Mart were much different than what was available when I had my hamster.
DH said "Well, it was 20 years ago that you had your hamster...."
"What?! (guffaw) What are you talking about? Twenty years?? I was thirteen when I had my hamster....and that's.....only.....oh...."
Anyhow not a great way to start out the day...

We picked up our hamster supplies and after a bit more shopping, headed to the pet store.
The pet store had quite a variety of hamsters! We looked them over for a bit then DH asked the staff which breed was gentle and least likely to bite.
The lady immediately opened the cage for Robo Hamsters.
Oh my, it was like a dozen Speedy Gonzales in there! When the lady scooped up one of the Hamsters she held it like one would hold a water snake toy! Hand over hand over hand!
Um, I think they don't bite because no one can catch them??

Introducing our (at the moment, nameless) Robo Hamster. (or as DH calls it "Robot Hamster")
It's actually a Roborovski hamster.
Isn't she cute?
At least we think she is a she. The lady wasn't 100% percent sure.
She is so tiny that she couldn't use the wire exercise wheel that is in the cage because her feet are so small! I removed it this morning and gave her a toilet paper tube instead.
She immediately claimed the tube and has napped and eaten in it all afternoon, so I think it was a good exchange. :)

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