Monday, April 04, 2011

A gorilla in my pocket...

This morning as I sat down to breakfast, I felt a small lump in the pocket of my sweater.
Along with an assortment of little girl hairties and barrettes, I found a gorilla in my pocket.
It kinda scared me at first, didn't know what in the world this little black lump was...especially considering it was in my pocket!

Vivian immediately grabbed the gorilla and said "Look! Look! da gorilla is eatin' my pancakes!"

It was a nice sunny day yesterday...though a bit breezy. I took the girls out to play for a bit and they rode bikes, or rather Mommy pushed them around on their bikes. :)
Then they helped me rake, and blew bubbles. Played T-ball (which involved hitting the T more than the ball) and badminton and drew with chalk.
I think, despite their excitement over snow, that the girls are ready for Spring and nice weather.
We found a wooly bear caterpillar, which Shiloh even held (while it was curled up).
Did you know that a Wooly bear turns into an Isabella tiger moth? Just researching it a little. :)

Yay, it's April!

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