Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here comes the Sun...

Finally we've had some nice weather and some big storms too!
The girls and I spent quite a few hours this week playing outside.

One day they were quite the drama queens though.
They both sat on their bikes, sobbing.
Shiloh was crying because there were a few rumbles of thunder that scared her, Vivian was upset because all the storms had washed some worms onto the driveway and into the garage and she was afraid of them....BUT neither one wanted to get off their bikes and go inside!
Vivi was fine once I swept away all the worms. Shi-Shi would be fine for a few minutes and then cry again...but that was kind of an afternoon activity for her that day. I think she was overtired.

We had quite a few lightning and thunder storms, both at day and night. Some of the night storms were quite loud so I think that messed up Shiloh's sleep a lot.

It's even been warm enough that I ventured to hang out the hummingbird feeder. Vivi was looking for the hummingbirds right away. :)

I had to pull out some short-sleeved shirts for the girls. Vivian always has a hard time getting used to short sleeves. She tugs at her sleeves and giggles "my arm hanging out! look! where my sleeve go?" Then she insists on a sweater or jacket, she must have something to cover up her arms.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, as soon as it warmed up Shiloh abandoned anything with long-sleeves and both her shoes and socks!

They both keep asking for me to set up the pool...even today when Vivi is wearing three shirts! (her fashion style is layers....lots of layers!) :)

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