Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A tired Tuesday

Vivian woke me up somewhere between 4-5am. ugh.
I brought her downstairs to lay on the couch, but the hamster cage is downstairs and apparently that is the hamster's nutso time (since hamsters are nocturnal) and so it was so noisy that I couldn't sleep at all.
I was debating between putting the cage in the bathroom and shutting the door or seeing if I could leave Vivian (who didn't seem to mind the scurrying, thumps, and scratching noises) on the couch and go back to my bed.
Then Shiloh woke up with some kind of dream about Vivian, and basically that was it for my sleep. :(

The hamster is yet nameless, we try out a name here and there but nothing has stuck yet. We might have one chosen, but we'll have to see if it sticks...
She is quite energetic but pretty friendly for a hamster...especially a new one.
I really do like this breed of hamster, the Roborovski Hamsters.
She barely drinks anything, so the mess in her cage is much less than a full-sized hamster. She also only eats like a tablespoon of food and her favorite thing is a toilet paper tube, certainly an economical pet. lol.
I try to do a cleaning/socializing time each day with her, but that doesn't work out every day.
Usually the girls like to be there too, though today they opted to play on the Starfall website instead. ;-)
Shi has even tried to pet/touch her, but I think that the only downfall of this hamster is that she's just so fast!

Then Shiloh was fiddling with the bathroom door and locked and closed it from the outside, with no one inside.
It has the type of doorknob that looks like it would open with a bent hanger, but after about 10 minutes of trying I could not get it open.
I had to unscrew the doorknob!
That was fun...and greasy...
My kiddos like to keep me busy!

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