Monday, April 25, 2011

Visited by the Easter bunny today...

See! He's smaller than I expected!
I was looking out our back door this afternoon and saw this bunny sitting next to our steps.
Shiloh was so excited, she said "It's Easter!! Cause Easter always has bunnies!!"

How was your Easter? Let me wipe the chocolate off my fingers before I type any more. Such a delicious holiday. :)
We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The girls were thrilled to get to spend two days of the weekend at Grama's house. The first day they colored eggs and the next day we had our big meal and family gathering.
DH took the kids to fly a kite. Vivian has watched "Mary Poppins" too many times and kept saying "let go fly kite, fly kite is easy!" After yesterday though, both girls say that flying a kite is hard. lol.
A combo of not enough wind and too many trees and power lines made it not ideal kite conditions.

Mondays like to come on way too strong!
I mean to start out a rainy morning where it is hard to drag yourself out of bed...typical.
Bad hair day that looks like I borrowed Sharon Osbourne's do, a sobbing hysterical 2 year old, and a week long forecast of rain and storms. Impressive.
But finding maple syrup has leaked all inside your cupboard and on, that is a Monday.
I don't know how it did it and I don't want to know, quite frankly.

Last week I had a lot of mending/sewing to do. Fixing some pajamas, re-pompoming (yes, that counts as a word) some slippers, reattaching a strand of beads to one of the girls princess costumes, and sewing this little micro button and overall straps for the girls' bear toy...which used to be my bear toy. :)
Took a little time to find a needle small enough to go through the button!
It's been such crazy weather. It's snowed a few times this past week, hopefully it will warm up a little soon.
I am getting so bored of my winter wardrobe. I'm ready to pull out my summer stuff, just not ready to shiver in them. lol.

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