Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pool day!

Daddy set up the pool today!
Shiloh was quite excited, she dove right in and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Vivian was a bit more apprehensive.
Hmm, kind of cold...
She did finally get into the pool, but standing in the pool was the most she'd get in the water.
I think she had more fun watering the garden.

My helper. :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

A mug of the slug on the rug, ugh!

Happy Memorial Day!

The weather was beautiful today. Sunny, warm, and a nice breeze. :)
Shiloh decided to start the day early, waking at 5am! Thankfully she played quietly and didn't wake up her sister.
The three of us got to spend most of the day visiting with my parents at their house.
We spend a lot of time outside just enjoying the beautiful day. :)

We also got to see this.
Ew, right?
A spotted Garden slug. A huge spotted Garden slug.
We had to look it up to find out what it was.
It's gross, honestly. The more I kept reading about it the more grossed out I was getting.
They mate by hanging from a tree by a string of slime?!?! Ew..ew!
They squirt blood when they are threatened?!?! Ew, ew, ew!
Back away from the slug...
They leave eggs in....
Bye Mom! Let me know how that works out for you....or not.

I'm not a fan of the creepy, crawly, slimy things. Do you feel itchy? Just me then?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chatty Chatty

Today was sunny and HOT!
Nice weather for Memorial weekend actually.
I really just wanted to stay inside and out of the heat but the girls kept asking to go out and ride their bikes.
Finally I relented but I planned to limit us to an hour outside. It actually was so warm that the girls were sweating in their bike helmets and ready to come indoors after only 1/2 an hour.

We are getting quite an accumulation of popsicle sticks with this hot weather.
I keep saving them for craft projects. :) I gather all these little things and soon my craft cupboard won't shut!

I actually used quite a few popsicle sticks today to make a sandpaper-covered ramp for the hamsters. Their nails are getting a bit long and climbing on that is supposed to help keep them in good shape.
I also cleaned the hamster cage.
I kept looking at Cinderella and I was quite certain she wouldn't fit through the bars of the cage any more.
Ta Da! She is huge now!
She had her pouches full so it was hard to tell for certain, but she looks like she might even be bigger than Rory now. I think she was just a baby when we got her, I don't think just a change in her diet would account for so much growth!

I only put them both in the cage so I could thoroughly sanitize their bin and they both stayed put.

I also attached their water bottle to side of the bin using extra-strong velcro. I found that tip online and it seems to be holding great and should foil any attempted escapes by Rory. It's also much easier to change the water now than my old setup was. :)

When we were driving this morning, both girls wanted to talk so much.
It didn't matter what they talked about, just that they talked I think.

Shiloh: "Mom, i see a kumbrella in the back"
Vivi: "umbrella in da back"
Shiloh: "Mom! MOM, there's a kumbrella in the back!"
Me: " I know there's an umbrella in the back. But we don't need an umbrella."
Vivi: "umbrella in back"
Shiloh: "Why is the kumbrella back there?"
Vivi: "why back dere?"
Shiloh: "Mom! MOM! Why is the kumbrella back there? Who put it there?...Dada?"
Vivi: "Who put dere, Dada? Dada did it! MOM! MOM! Dada did it. Dada did it!"
Me (while driving) "What are..."
Vivi: "Mickey Dados! I see Mickey Dados!"
Shiloh: "where? where? I don't see it! where is it Vivian?"
Vivi: "i see it! i see Mickey Dados!"
Shiloh: "Mmm, I like McDonald's"
Vivi: "No, I like Mickey Dados! Shh, Shiloh! I like Mickey Dados! Mom! MOM! I like Mickey Dados!"
Me: "Got it Viv."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stop means stop

The thunderstorms have bad timing!
One a.m. a huge storm came through again. DH and I actually woke up first because the thunder was quite loud...tons of lightning too.
Vivian was the first girl to wake. Poor baby jumped a foot at one big bang of thunder. Then Shi woke too, but fortunately the storms went through pretty quickly and the girls went back to sleep easier than the night before.
The power stayed on too which was great. :)

This morning Vivian dug out one of Shiloh's stuffed cats, she promptly named it "Slimey" and has carried it around the entire day.
Apparently Slimey even ate Vivian's cookie today, I guess he was hungry!

We spent some time outside this afternoon.
The zucchini didn't weather the storms too well. Every single stem is broken. :(
I propped them up with sticks to see if they can fix themselves. I looked for more zucchini seeds when I was out shopping the other day but I couldn't find any so I guess we'll see how they do.

Then Shiloh rode her bike around while Vivi and I drew chalk arrows and wrote "Go" on the driveway for Shiloh to follow.
Well Vivi actually only wrote yellow X's next to my arrows for emphasis. :)
I did write "Stop" once but Shi didn't like that and had me cross it out and write "Go" instead because she was stuck there and couldn't go forward because it said "stop".
Yeah, she wasn't going for any of my explanations of how she could actually go after stopping...

Hopefully there will be no storms tonight and we can get some sleep!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just checking for closet monsters...

Definitely Lemonade weather! :)

We had a l-o-n-g night, last night.
DH and I stayed up until the tornado watch was over, watching "Mr. Bean" episodes on Hulu. :)
Then we went to bed until Shi woke up crying because she heard the thunder. I finally got her back to sleep and crawled back into my bed around 1am.
Suddenly I'm jolted awake about 30 minutes later by Shiloh screaming and crying, then Vivian starts wailing too.
The room is pitch black. The power had gone out.
I jump out of bed without thinking of anything other than my kids screaming.
I don't grab my glasses or anything, and I stub my toe on the wall and somehow get so disoriented in the dark that I end up lost in my closet.
Yes, I'm serious.
DH hit the light on his cellphone so I could figure out where I was and where I was going!
Sleep-deprived Mommy brain!

DH got some substitute night lights set up for the girls, but we were all wide-awake and it took a long time to get the girls settled again.

This morning the power still wasn't on.
Shi was most upset with the fact that Tomick (the fish) didn't have bubbles in his tank from the aerator. She didn't quite understand what "the power is out" meant.
She kept asking "Are you going to make coffee?"
"No, The power is out"
"Can we turn on Tomick's bubbles?"
"No, The power is out"
"Can I go on the laptop?"
"No, The power is out"
"Can I have toast?"
"No, The power is out"

Repeating myself is something I find I'm doing very often and times two now that Vivi is in the "but why?" and "but how?" stage.
 We were just about to go out and find a place for coffee (we really needed coffee!!) and breakfast when the power finally came back on at almost 8am.

Vivian was crabby and over-tired this morning.
She finally fell asleep, napping so sweetly....

...though perhaps not too comfortably?

That is one of our dining room chairs that she's sleeping on.

When it's naptime....it's naptime!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot and stormy!

Tornado watches...eek!
I think a good portion of the States have been under these during the past few weeks or so.
They make me nervous, in case you didn't already know that from this post.
I also don't like when they call for large hail, I've been hit by those and seen first-hand the damage that those hailstones can cause. Remember my hailstone pictures?

Today we did a bunch of shopping and got the oil changed my truck so now it's not blinking at me any longer. Yay!
I saved $11.76 by using coupons, Yay!
We also got to have lunch with my Mom. Yay!
The girls were excited to see Grama, and disappointed that we had to do some shopping first.
Then when I asked the girls if they had to go potty before we left the store, Shi asked "Does the restaurant have a potty?"
"Is is a clean potty?"
"Yes, I think so..."
"No, I don't have to go potty now."
Lol, as long as she knows the next stop has a clean restroom then she's good to go. :)

At lunch, Vivi pointed to the menu and said that she wanted the "snakes" for her meal. So she had chocolate chip pancakes and "snakes"...or as you might know it, bacon! ;)

Quite a hot and humid day. By about 4:30pm it was really nice with a light breeze.
Still warm though. The girls rode their bikes and when I took off Shi's helmet, her hair was just soaked with sweat.
So they had a quick popsicle, then hopped right in the tub.

Thunder and lightning now, so I better get offline!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I can't Q you under the kumbrella when it's jerrynarry out

Got that? ;)

DH planted the new veggies early this morning. The plants that we've already put in seem to be doing well.
The beans are continuing to grow like crazy and I had to put a tomato cage up to support them.
So far the rabbit has left everything alone too, since we still hadn't gotten a fence.
I'm not really wanting a fence either. The girls like to pick the veggies and it would be a pain with a fence.

The girls raked the lawn and rode bikes again today.
Shi only fell off her bike once...but then Vivi tripped twice while chasing Shi and pretending to be a monster.
They were both okay, and not even a tear.

Later DH called me because there was a big search on Main street for a 5yr old girl who had been missing for an hour. They were handing out fliers and going door to door.
Fortunately they found her shortly after he called me. She had wandered several blocks over crossing 4 or 5 streets/intersections, and some of them are pretty busy! Scary!

Shiloh invented a word that she's been using this week...as far as I can tell, it's purely invented and not from a cartoon.
"jerrynarry" which means (as Shiloh explains it) when the sky is gray.
She uses in sentences "I don't want to put my pajamas on until it's jerrynarry. It's not jerrynarry yet", "I will use the potty when it's jerrynarry, can I wait until it's jerrynarry?"
Yes, it's an excuse word...ahem.
I think she couldn't find another reason to get out of certain things.
Since her bedtime is before it's dark she knows she can't say "Can I wait till it's dark out?"...Ta da! An excuse for when it's "gray" out.

She's always been big on invented words too. Actually even teaching them to her little sister.
Now they both ask us to carry them by saying "Mommy Q?" "Dada Q me!" which means "carry me".
Vivian has always been more focused on saying words properly, which is why she can say "umbrella" and Shi still says "kumbrella". :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeding time at the Zoo

Morning tends to be rather busy around here...(at least for me! lol)
After the dressing, brushing of teeth, aiding with the potty, styling of hair, and searching out whatever items the girls brought into their beds and are now urgently missing, and then making the beds, we head downstairs.
Just walking down the stairs might take awhile. Vivian is Miss Independence but also very cautious and slow.
Then I hit the button on the coffeemaker to start the pot, and hope that I hit the right button.
Open the blinds and curtains, take the lid off the hamster bin, turn on the fish tank light...and feeding time at the Zoo begins!
First we feed the hamsters, the girls like to pick out how many sunflower seeds or cracked corn pieces that we add to their dish.
We've fattened Cinderella up pretty well, she's about the same size as Rory now.
The hamsters come running, they know breakfast time! They are so involved in stuffing their pouches that anyone can pet them, so I often hold the girls up so they can feel how soft the hamsters are.
Then we feed Mr. Tom Selleck (Tomick). Vivi is my helper with that and that means there's no guarantee the food will actually end up in the tank...any of it.
I thought this picture came out pretty cool! :)
We wash our hands, and then I feed the girls! :)
The first of about three breakfasts they have during the morning, they wake hungry!
This morning they started with the last of the Munchkin donuts we had...then on to pancakes...cereal...toast. etc. etc.

I took the girls out this afternoon to ride their bikes.
Shiloh managed to ride her bike up our driveway. It's a slope that had been too difficult for her before.
I was sitting on our steps at the top of the slope when she made it to the top. I clapped "YAY Shiloh! Great job!!!"
She got off her bike and came and gave me a big hug and kiss, "I so happy that you prize me, Mama. I so happy when you prize me."
Oh so sweet! I was still misty-eyed by the time she made it back up the hill again!

Then DH had managed to get a few more plants for the garden, so I ran down to pick them up. Cherry tomatoes, Watermelon, and cantaloupe!
DH's aunt asked Vivian if she was Chinese, Vivian said "No! I a monster!" lol
Vivi had been pretending to be a monster and chasing Shi while she rode her bike...until Shi got too nervous, went too fast and fell over.
She's okay, she actually fell over four times today so she's getting good at falling off safely.
She has training wheels so I'm a bit surprised she tips over so regularly.

Poor Vivi wanted to try pedaling her tricycle, so I moved the seat forward as far as it would go but her little legs are still too short for her to do it herself. I guess Mama will be pushing her around for awhile yet...but it's sometimes nice to know my baby's not growing too fast. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A House girl

Today was pretty quiet.
I sort of wanted to get out of the house and maybe do a little shopping, but when we were driving around yesterday a dashboard light started blinking.
Uh oh...
I had to dig out the manual but it is just telling me I need to replace the oil, still I don't feel like driving it everywhere until I get the oil changed.

So I cleaned out my hallway closet instead of shopping.
My girls though it was awesome to leap onto the bags containing bedspreads and blankets, and when they tired of that they climbed up onto my bed and slid back down, over and over again.
They had a blast! ;)

We are dealing with a few stray ants. I have traps out but I think I need fresher ones.
Vivi started crying the other day because she was sitting on the potty and opened her wipes container and there was an ant inside...and being on the potty she couldn't get away.
I don't know what an ant would be doing in there anyways!
I found one in my glass of lemonade, which was sugar-free so I don't know what the ant was looking for. Then I had to clean my whole kitchen but I didn't find even one more...so it's weird.

I was teasing Shiloh and asking her what kind of girl she was ( are you a silly girl?, smart girl, American girl etc.)
She said "No, I am dis Shiloh. I am...I am dis a House Girl." :)
So cute.

Vivian is my beauty girl.
Despite the fact that she rarely wants much done with her hair, she is right beside me when I am putting on my make-up. She wants to try some powder and lip gloss and use my face brushes. She has questions about what I am doing and what I'm using.
Last night I was putting on a cream and I explained to Vivi "This helps Mama look young..."
She looked serious "Oh...I already young." lol :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's a bird...It's a plane...

What are they looking at?
What has them so fascinated?

Watching their Daddy plant our garden!
It is just below this window so they had a pretty good view. :)
The yard was pretty soggy so watching from indoors was a better choice.
Plus I knew Shiloh would want to "help" rake the garden like she did yesterday and I thought I'd save DH from getting whacked in the face while he tried to plant tomatoes.

There is still a lot of empty space but we need room for thinning the plants when they get bigger and there's also room if we decide to put in anything else.
I guess we won't be getting anything from our local Farmer's market though since (oddly enough) it changed locations this summer and is no longer a quick stop for DH.
My lilac bush is in full bloom. Our yard smells so lovely.
God makes a better air freshener than I've ever found for inside! :)

We ran out to get some groceries today. I was going through my cupboards this morning to see what I needed to pick up and discovered SIX jars of tomato sauce.
Hmm, six jars of sauce and yet not a slice of bread in the house!
Keeping up with the perishables is the hard part.
Tomato sauce and pasta are two staples that I like to keep on hand so I guess I tend to pick up a jar each time I shop.
We did have spaghetti and meatballs for lunch today, so I used up a jar from my stockpile. ;)

I've got to go play beauty salon with the girls now. They need their bangs trimmed.
Their hair grows so quickly, especially as the weather starts to warm up!
Vivian hasn't wanted me to style her hair too often so I've debated trimming it shorter, but at the longer length it tucks back pretty well....and frankly it's just so cute.
Long wisps of yet baby hair. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beware of Girl with Rake

Today the weather couldn't decide if it wanted to rain or be sunny, so it did a bit of both.
I took the girls out for a bit before the rain sent us back inside.
We had bought the girls small rakes awhile ago. They are cute pink rakes but they are real wood and metal.
Shiloh is a hazard with her rake! I kept positioning myself between Shi and Vivi so they wouldn't hit each other and Shi got me a few times!
Ahh, now I see why the rakes were on clearance, hmm.
Who needs a guard dog when you have a tiny girl with a metal rake and no attention span?

So the girls raked, then Vivi swept a bit of the driveway. It was a full size broom though so it was rather hard for her.
We also started to dig rows for the garden but the soil was soggy, it was a mess.
The temperature isn't looking too bad for the next week so maybe we'll get to plant our garden pretty soon.

Vivi has such cute chatter. :)
"Mama, Shiwo is on my bed. I gonna sleep in my bed. I gonna have sweet dreams in my bed. I gonna have sweet, sweet dreams...in my bed."

I was pretending to nibble on her pudgy baby toes "No Mama, dohs are toes! You can't eat my toes. You can't eat my brown toes."
"brown toes? you have brown toes?"
"Yes, you painted my toes. See my brown toenails? You can't eat my brown toes, den you get brown on you teef!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ice Cream!

The Green beans are growing taller still....

I had to make this practice sheet for Shi. Her schoolwork keeps asking her to write the number that comes before, and the number that comes after. She's pretty good at knowing which number comes after but finding the before number stumps her.

I also made her a sheet to help her remember if a vowel is making a long or short sound. I'm not sure if that's helping her yet or not.
Today we had ice cream. We all had ice cream...even Miss Vivian and her lactose-intolerant tummy. I bought her chocolate Lactaid ice cream. I tasted it and it is soo good!
But I am reserving it for Vivian alone. My stomach is okay with a tiny bowl of regular ice cream, and I am certain my waistline does better with just that tiny bowl too! ;-)

I think she likes it.....

Yeah, she likes it!
She had ice cream up her arms and on the table and even on her legs, despite the bib!
It was an ice cream bath and I'm not sure that has the same helpful effects of a milk bath?

Miss Shi was a little neater with her ice cream...very little.
She had to spit out the nuts that were in her ice cream though, and she's not too good at spitting....or aiming.

It's messy, messy, goodness!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally...some sunshine!

Yay, sunshine!
It's been raining for so long it seems.
It even put me in the mood to plant my garden but looks like we might be getting some thunderstorms with hail so I'll hold off for a few more days.
I did put my plants in the porch so they can get used to the colder temps at night but still be protected from the elements.
They are growing so fast that they are quickly becoming pot bound so I really need to get them in the ground quickly.
Still need get some fencing to protect against the rabbit though. I should have stopped at Lowe's while we were out and about.

We did run to Target, needed to pick up a new rubber mat for the tub.
We love our old one because it has cute yellow ducks on it but we just cannot get it clean any more. I bleached it and DH scrubbed at it with a stiff brush and it just won't clean up.
Shi liked a princess mat they had but there was no way it was going to stay clean, so finally the girls and I agreed on one.
DH liked two other mats but mine got all the votes. lol. :) He doesn't even use the mat so I don't think it matters to him too much.

Vivian has been very into making sure her clothes match. She gets upset if I want to put a sweater on her and it doesn't "match" with her outfit.
She likes it when I pick out her outfit and she picks out matching socks, or she picks out the socks first and I have to coordinate.
DH had chosen a rather odd shirt combination for himself this morning and asked my opinion. I told him it didn't go well and that he could ask Vivi too.
Shi chimed in with her opinion also so DH went to change his shirts.
With three females in the house, we'll keep him properly presented at least. :)

I cleaned the hamster tank yesterday, the girls like that because it gives them a good opportunity to pet/touch the hamsters albeit briefly while the hamsters run around the empty tank.
Though it's almost guaranteed that one of the girls will some how knock over the hamster food dish and little bits of birdseed-like food will be scattered everywhere...(sigh).
Cinderella is still rather skittish, but both hamsters can be rather easily pet when they are eating.

We stopped at McDonalds after shopping and picked up some smoothies. I had a BOGO coupon to use and I wanted to try them.
We got a small Wild Berry (which Vivi and I like) and small Strawberry Banana (which Shi and DH like).
Since my Mom asked, the small size is 210 calories. A fruit and yogurt parfait is 160 calories so I'd probably stick with that.
The smoothies are made with yogurt and taste like it too. I personally am not really a yogurt person and don't really care for a creamy milky taste so I probably won't get them again.
Hopefully the yogurt won't bother Vivian's stomach, I tried to limit how much she drank and she does tolerate a bit of yogurt okay.

Next, I think I'd like to try their frozen strawberry lemonade, it sounds good to me. :)
Just need the warm weather that should go with it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

Miss Vivian playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys. I used two oatmeal containers to store them in. They work great! The girls can open and close them easily and they've held up.
One container I covered with "Princess" wrapping paper, the other one I haven't dressed up yet. This was just after her bath this afternoon. :)
I can feel the points of her third molar today, they really are rushing in!

My beanstalks today!

Busy day around the house.
We were going to run to the grocery store but just as we were getting ready, it started really raining and then we got busy with other things so we just stayed in.
I wiped down all my cupboards, then tend to get sticky from little fingers...probably my own. lol.
I swept and mopped, and the girls helped to put all the kitchen rugs back in place. Well, once they stopped pretending to nap on the rugs...climb under the rugs...and running around squealing with my runner (pretending to be a snake or something), then they put them back.

I made banana muffins, because Vivi didn't finish her last two bananas and it was the only recipe that took two bananas. ;)
I also made turkey meatballs because Shiloh loves them and we haven't had any in awhile. She'll just eat them plain even without pasta or sauce.
I made them quickly after I had put the girls to bed but the smell woke Shi up "MMmm, what's that smell? I'm hungry!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scaling the water bottle (hamster vid)

I was trying to take a video of both hamsters running on their spinner. Sorry it is so dark but the hamsters tend to go back into their boxes when I brighten the lights.
Anyways, during the video Rory tried to get to me which is what she normally does. (I would be flattered but I'm certain that she just thinks I have a treat for her!)
So in her determination she figured out she can just climb the water bottle to get to the top of the bin!

I tied the water bottle on differently this morning, and while I was adjusting it both hamsters came running over for a drink so I ended up holding the water bottle for them while they drank.
Hmm, I never even had to hold a bottle for my own kids!
Hopefully I have it tied up now so that Rory can't do any more Indiana Jones maneuvers.
She thinks she's a Wonder pet!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy day photos

A dreary rainy Monday, but the hummingbirds don't seem to mind one bit.
They've been buzzing to the feeder all day. Females came to the feeder too but I only was able to get photos of the males...
I was looking up some facts about hummingbirds, like that they lay pea-sized eggs.
Their nests sound interesting (from Wikipedia) "The nest is constructed on a small, downward-sloping tree limb 10–20 feet above the ground. It is composed of bud scales, with lichen on the exterior, bound with spider's silk, and lined with plant down (often dandelion or thistle down). "

I just can't imagine binding anything with spider silk! Lining it with dandelion sounds kind of sweet. :)

"Vivian, can you say hummingbird?"

"I want to buy a hummburger."  :)

Took this picture of Cinderella today...I'm in a picture taking mood with all the rain keeping us house-bound.
 "I like this restaurant, but the straws are just so big!"

Our amazing growing beanstalks...we'll probably be able to climb them by next week! lol

Vivi was going through my coupons today.

Shi wanted me to take a picture of her silly face. (which she thinks is hysterical btw) :)
Now I've got to go and make Miss Silly face a grilled cheese. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My beanstalks

The green beans today. They are getting so big and so quickly!
I'm glad children don't grow so fast, can you imagine?

They are already starting to lean toward the sun so I have to start rotating the planter now.
Hopefully we'll get to plant them outside soon, the nights are finally getting a bit warmer.

We have another problem though, our visiting Easter bunny has decided that he/she really likes our backyard and we've spotted her several times right near the house and future garden.
One time the bunny hopped away really casually with a huge mouthful of grass....not even nervous of us enough to drop its lunch! Sassy rabbit!
So the bunny has to move on to greener backyards or else I guess we'll have to invest in some type of fencing for our garden.

The rest of the seedlings are coming along well also. Acorn squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. We may get some plants from the farmer's market too, we've done that before. But our garden isn't all that big and I think we'll have it to overflowing capacity as it is.

Tomato cages and Zucchini take up a lot of space just on their own.

I was just stroking Vivian's hair and I felt a knot. I asked her what she got in her hair and she said "Oh dis some toothpaste...dis some food...dis some grilled cheese."
Apparently, her hair is a buffet.
Hmm...considering she hasn't even had grilled cheese I find that quite a feat. ;-)

We played hide and seek last night, the girls and I. First I hid and both girls were seeking, and then Vivi and I hid while Shiloh tried to find us.
Shiloh started calling "Mama! Mama where are you?"
I stayed silent.
Then Shi called "Vivian! Vivian where are you?"
From behind me, a tiny voice piped up "I in da bafroom!!"
(sigh) The weak link! lol

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Can you believe the difference one day makes?

And for reference, yesterday...

Hopefully the weather warms up enough so I can plant them outside sooner than later, because with this kind of growth, they'll be too be big for their pots in no time!

Vivi had a crabby morning yesterday then took a long nap, woke up and fell right back asleep again in my arms. This morning she woke and was upset with everything for about 1/2 hour.
Sooo I checked her teeth.
Ta da! A second molar has just cut through and a third is a white bump under the gums.
Seems like her molars waited so long and now they are all rushing in at the same time.
At least they are cutting through quickly and not the long drawn-out teething where the gums swell up and the teeth have to cut through more than once.
She's not complaining about her teeth either, just having super grumpy periods of time.

She's loves to play "Peeka Pocka Posy". (Ring around the Rosy) :)

I made chocolate chip cookies this morning in honor of tomorrow, which is National Chocolate Chip Day!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Hotdog birds and Hamsters

I needed a place to put the seedlings so they could get lots of sunshine and stay warm until I can plant them outside.
So I turned my window seat into a plant shelf. Everything from cactus and african violets to tomatoes and squash.
These are green beans...I think.
I forgot what they were as soon as they started sprouting (isn't that always the way it goes?). The little loops of green stems looks really weird, like an alien plant.

Vivian gets excited every time we are driving and pass a "Mickey Da-dohs! Look Mom! Mickey Da-dohs!" (McDonalds)

When we were out shopping Shi kept saying "Mom, my hands are dirty you got any annatizer. I need some annatizer." Then Vivi chimes in that she needs annatizer too. (sanitizer).

This morning Vivi called me, she was all excited "Mama! I see it! I see the hotdog bird! The hotdog bird! I see it!" 
Not quite sure how she got so confused when saying "Hummingbird". lol
I can't believe I need to fill up my hummingbird feeder already! Hungry little birds. :)

The girls were putting on their shoes yesterday, to go out and ride bikes with their Daddy when Vivi tells me "I wanna go outside with my Chinese Dada, I wanna go outside with him."
Hmm...so that's versus going outside with all your other fathers??
She's so funny. I told her that it's just Dada, you don't have to call him "Chinese Dada" and she said "But Dada is Chinese!"
Oh my, such Heather (my sister) logic...how can I argue with that?! ;-)

I finally got a good picture of Cinderella. She's cuddled close to Rory, they seem to be getting along great! (whew!) I never find them sleeping apart, always together.

We've had fun making little houses/toys out of things we have on hand. Cracker boxes, toothpaste boxes, jars, papertowel tubes...and my favorite part is that when they get messy I can just toss them.
I thoroughly cleaned the hamster tote box yesterday. I used to put Rory into the wire cage, when I was cleaning but since Cinderella can easily escape that I just kept them in the box while I was cleaning.
First I found a couple of horded stashes of food that they had. Once I uncovered them, both hamsters came running over and began stuffing their pouches.
Then when I had the box all clean and before I started putting everything back in, I kept finding seeds. I'd clean it out and find another seed.
Seems some-hamster stuffed their pouch a little too full, and had to empty it a little.
It was ridiculous, they could barely waddle! Little piggies!

Monday, May 09, 2011

A busy Monday

The girls were up bright and early this morning.
Usually they are content to play in their rooms for a bit, but not today.
At least I was feeling unusually rested and bright-eyed this morning. :)
We were up so early that the hamsters were still playing, so the girls got to watch them while they ate their breakfasts.
DH calls it "HamsterTV" :)

Then my Dad stopped over and helped sharpen our lawn mower blade. Now we are ready for summer! :)
Dad didn't stay too long and Shiloh was asking where Grandpa went. I told her that Grandpa had to go see his brother.
She said "George has a brother."
"George, from Vivian's movie, he has a brother"
"From Stuart Little?..."
"Well, Grandpa's brother is not a mouse though..."  :)

Shiloh had her ear rechecked today. The NP said that the scratch on her ear canal has scabbed over and looks like it's healing well.
We just have to finish out her ear drops, which Shi isn't too thrilled about, and it should be all taken care of.

Then we came home and I rearranged the girls' room and cleaned and vacuumed in there too. It looks nice...and I should sleep well.
Ugh, the bed and dressers are heavy!

We loaded up the crockpot with a Manhattan Clam Chowder too. The girls sat on little stools on either side of me while I peeled and chopped vegetables and seasoned the chowder.
They guessed what color it would look like on the inside when I peeled the potatoes and carrots. Vivian is fun cause she picks outrageous colors. :)
I also had Shiloh guess whether the items grew on a bush or in the ground, and they both were fascinated by the "eyes" on the potatoes. lol

I should have started the chowder before I worked on the girls' room...since the chowder is still cooking now.
Hmm...one of these days I'll get the order down right.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day

Yesterday was nice and sunny so Shiloh and I started making chalk drawings.
With this one she said "Oh! I have to draw some rain because the flower needs rain to grow!" so she drew lots of rain...
But I am thankful today was mostly sunny. :)
The girls rode their bikes and blew bubbles, then came inside for popsicles.

I found that Vivian had her first 2 yr. molar cut through. I would definitely say her amber necklace helped. It's not a miracle cure, but she certainly needed a lot less pain relievers.
She also didn't wake up crying and saying her teeth hurt, (though there were times when she woke and just wanted me to hold her)...and with all her other molars she has scratched her jaw all up when they were coming through but she didn't scratch it at all this time!
Molars usually are the worst so I am quite happy. :)

Also today we made tissue paper flowers and a little vase as a Mother's Day craft. I think the girls had the most fun with the vase, the flowers were a little complicated for them...
These are my other Mother's Day flowers that my hubby got for me. :)

A friend's son is in preschool and then sent home this little Mother's Day page with questions about their Mom and then they draw a picture of their Mom, which I thought was cute so I tried it with the girls...
Shiloh's page...the pink is her answers to the questions. Apparently I look prettiest wearing a shirt, Hmm...good to know. ;)
Vivian's page...she didn't quite understand a couple questions so I left those blank.
I asked her "What makes Mommy look pretty?" and she replied "Great Grandma".
Oh...this child is full of one-liners! lol

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Oh Ear!

Our drama yesterday morning....
Shiloh woke up and said that "...her pillow left crunchies in her ear". So I checked her ear and it was all wax and dried blood!
I cleaned it off with a warm washcloth, but her ear canal was full of the same so I called the Pediatrician's office and they got us right in.
I was so afraid she had an ear infection and had burst her ear drum!
Thankfully that was not the case and her ear drum is fine, and so far no infection but somehow her ear canal is all scratched up which was the source of the bleeding.

They thought it was so odd that the NP even called the Dr. in for a second opinion. We don't know how it got scratched up but she has ear drops to help it heal and they'll recheck it next week.
Shi says that her ear doesn't hurt at all, though she's not too happy about having drops put in her ear....not that I can blame her!
It's Vivi's turn to be comforting. When Shi is upset about the drops, she pats Shi's arm and says "it okay, Shiwo". Soo sweet.

Vivian was pretending to be a snowman this morning...that's a plastic carrot. :)

She was such a big girl yesterday. I forgot all about pull-ups or even making her use the potty before we ran out the door in the morning because I was a bit flustered with Shi's ear.
We were out and about for much of the day and Vivi stayed dry and even used the potty while we out! yay!

(If you don't want to hear all about small furry rodents...stop reading now.) :)
Our hamster finally has a name "Princess Aurora" aka "Rory".
I don't think I had updated with her name.
Now Rory hasn't become totally my spoiled pet, not me!
We thought she was pregnant for a bit, but nope she just enjoys food...and I love how she takes things from my hand so I indulge her a little. ;)
(plus I found out the pet store is feeding them the wrong hamster food so they probably weren't eating much while there. One pellet of their hamster food is about the same size as a dwarf hamster!)

Now introducing "Cinderella"

The girls wanted another hamster. Well actually Shiloh wanted five hamsters!
So we picked up Cinderella yesterday...the girls named her in the car ride home since we wanted something to go with Rory's name.
I set up the wire cage that we first used for Rory and put Cinderella in there. I left the cage in a box on the bathroom floor because the girls wanted to look at her for a bit.
Shiloh told me that the tiny box from the pet store said "Take Home". She read it all by herself!!! :-D
Then the girls called me to look because the hamster was climbing the cage.
Not a big deal, Rory did that all the time in the cage too but I went to watch her with the girls.
Next thing, Cinderella sticks her head between the bars of the cage.
Then she squeezes her whole body through the bars of the cage and she's just sitting outside the cage in the box!
These bars are less than 1/2" apart! She is so tiny!
Sooo thankful I kept the cage in the box.

Now what to do! I've got a hamster in a cardboard box...that has no lid.
So we had to put her in with Rory and hope that they got along.
I did threaten Cinderella that if she was mean, I was going to name her after one of the ugly step-sisters instead! ha!

As tiny as Rory is, she could pretty much sit on Cinderella and squish her so I wasn't sure what to expect.
They did a lot of posturing and a few small skirmishes. Then it turns out that Rory is just a fluffy, "not-in-the-face" hamster who totally turned submissive.
She showed her belly then ran off and started eating sunflower seeds from her pouch.
That has been her main focus now, to run and get all the sunflower seeds and shove them in her pouch before the other hamster can get them.
She's waddling and a little top-heavy because her pouch is so full. lol

I was nervous how the night would go because Rory is just spastic energy at night and we wouldn't be around to separate any serious fights.
But it was a chilly night and this morning I found them together under a graham cracker box.
Not looking at each other, but together.
Cinderella is the brown one on the left, Rory is the white and brown one.
They've been sleeping the day away together in the box too.
So hopefully this is a good sign they'll get along.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

We all scream for ice cream...

Crawling...is bad for jeans. Plain and simple.
I wore a hole through a pair. :(
Yesterday I was crawling around the girls' playhouse, growling and pretending to be a monster playing a proper and ladylike game, while the girls huddled inside the house squealing and giggling.
Today I discovered I had worn a hole in the knees of my jeans.
DH looked at the hole and said "Well, we didn't buy those jeans (meaning together) so they must be old anyways".
That man and having to date everything!
So we've been married nearly 8 years now, and the jeans were probably a good 5 years old at that time...um, well what is the lifespan of jeans anyways?

The ice cream truck has come back to the neighborhood, except it's weird and zooms up our street fast not even stopping or slowing down like they normally do....not that I'm complaining since it was rather obnoxious last year when they parked outside my house minutes after I had laid Vivi down for a nap, or even after I had put the girls down for the night.
The girls want to see the truck though, so they've been disappointed they've only hear the tinny music whipping past the house.

The funny thing is that the girls have come up with a new game based our speeding ice cream truck. :)
Vivi loads her arms up with a few ice cream cones from their kitchen set and walks slowly through the house saying "I have ice cream....I have ice cream".
Then when she walks near Shiloh, Shiloh will squeal and say "Ooh, I want ice cream!"
At which point Vivi takes off running through the house with Shiloh chasing her and both giggling hysterically.
Then Shiloh goes back to her spot and they start all over. BTW: Shiloh never does get the ice cream, lol, she doesn't want to end the game.

I bought some Lactaid ice cream for Vivi today, I just can't stand the thought of her missing out on melty summer ice cream cones! I can't wait for her to try it, hopefully she likes it...it's chocolate! :)