Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beware of Girl with Rake

Today the weather couldn't decide if it wanted to rain or be sunny, so it did a bit of both.
I took the girls out for a bit before the rain sent us back inside.
We had bought the girls small rakes awhile ago. They are cute pink rakes but they are real wood and metal.
Shiloh is a hazard with her rake! I kept positioning myself between Shi and Vivi so they wouldn't hit each other and Shi got me a few times!
Ahh, now I see why the rakes were on clearance, hmm.
Who needs a guard dog when you have a tiny girl with a metal rake and no attention span?

So the girls raked, then Vivi swept a bit of the driveway. It was a full size broom though so it was rather hard for her.
We also started to dig rows for the garden but the soil was soggy, it was a mess.
The temperature isn't looking too bad for the next week so maybe we'll get to plant our garden pretty soon.

Vivi has such cute chatter. :)
"Mama, Shiwo is on my bed. I gonna sleep in my bed. I gonna have sweet dreams in my bed. I gonna have sweet, sweet my bed."

I was pretending to nibble on her pudgy baby toes "No Mama, dohs are toes! You can't eat my toes. You can't eat my brown toes."
"brown toes? you have brown toes?"
"Yes, you painted my toes. See my brown toenails? You can't eat my brown toes, den you get brown on you teef!"

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