Monday, May 09, 2011

A busy Monday

The girls were up bright and early this morning.
Usually they are content to play in their rooms for a bit, but not today.
At least I was feeling unusually rested and bright-eyed this morning. :)
We were up so early that the hamsters were still playing, so the girls got to watch them while they ate their breakfasts.
DH calls it "HamsterTV" :)

Then my Dad stopped over and helped sharpen our lawn mower blade. Now we are ready for summer! :)
Dad didn't stay too long and Shiloh was asking where Grandpa went. I told her that Grandpa had to go see his brother.
She said "George has a brother."
"George, from Vivian's movie, he has a brother"
"From Stuart Little?..."
"Well, Grandpa's brother is not a mouse though..."  :)

Shiloh had her ear rechecked today. The NP said that the scratch on her ear canal has scabbed over and looks like it's healing well.
We just have to finish out her ear drops, which Shi isn't too thrilled about, and it should be all taken care of.

Then we came home and I rearranged the girls' room and cleaned and vacuumed in there too. It looks nice...and I should sleep well.
Ugh, the bed and dressers are heavy!

We loaded up the crockpot with a Manhattan Clam Chowder too. The girls sat on little stools on either side of me while I peeled and chopped vegetables and seasoned the chowder.
They guessed what color it would look like on the inside when I peeled the potatoes and carrots. Vivian is fun cause she picks outrageous colors. :)
I also had Shiloh guess whether the items grew on a bush or in the ground, and they both were fascinated by the "eyes" on the potatoes. lol

I should have started the chowder before I worked on the girls' room...since the chowder is still cooking now. of these days I'll get the order down right.

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