Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chatty Chatty

Today was sunny and HOT!
Nice weather for Memorial weekend actually.
I really just wanted to stay inside and out of the heat but the girls kept asking to go out and ride their bikes.
Finally I relented but I planned to limit us to an hour outside. It actually was so warm that the girls were sweating in their bike helmets and ready to come indoors after only 1/2 an hour.

We are getting quite an accumulation of popsicle sticks with this hot weather.
I keep saving them for craft projects. :) I gather all these little things and soon my craft cupboard won't shut!

I actually used quite a few popsicle sticks today to make a sandpaper-covered ramp for the hamsters. Their nails are getting a bit long and climbing on that is supposed to help keep them in good shape.
I also cleaned the hamster cage.
I kept looking at Cinderella and I was quite certain she wouldn't fit through the bars of the cage any more.
Ta Da! She is huge now!
She had her pouches full so it was hard to tell for certain, but she looks like she might even be bigger than Rory now. I think she was just a baby when we got her, I don't think just a change in her diet would account for so much growth!

I only put them both in the cage so I could thoroughly sanitize their bin and they both stayed put.

I also attached their water bottle to side of the bin using extra-strong velcro. I found that tip online and it seems to be holding great and should foil any attempted escapes by Rory. It's also much easier to change the water now than my old setup was. :)

When we were driving this morning, both girls wanted to talk so much.
It didn't matter what they talked about, just that they talked I think.

Shiloh: "Mom, i see a kumbrella in the back"
Vivi: "umbrella in da back"
Shiloh: "Mom! MOM, there's a kumbrella in the back!"
Me: " I know there's an umbrella in the back. But we don't need an umbrella."
Vivi: "umbrella in back"
Shiloh: "Why is the kumbrella back there?"
Vivi: "why back dere?"
Shiloh: "Mom! MOM! Why is the kumbrella back there? Who put it there?...Dada?"
Vivi: "Who put dere, Dada? Dada did it! MOM! MOM! Dada did it. Dada did it!"
Me (while driving) "What are..."
Vivi: "Mickey Dados! I see Mickey Dados!"
Shiloh: "where? where? I don't see it! where is it Vivian?"
Vivi: "i see it! i see Mickey Dados!"
Shiloh: "Mmm, I like McDonald's"
Vivi: "No, I like Mickey Dados! Shh, Shiloh! I like Mickey Dados! Mom! MOM! I like Mickey Dados!"
Me: "Got it Viv."

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