Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeding time at the Zoo

Morning tends to be rather busy around here...(at least for me! lol)
After the dressing, brushing of teeth, aiding with the potty, styling of hair, and searching out whatever items the girls brought into their beds and are now urgently missing, and then making the beds, we head downstairs.
Just walking down the stairs might take awhile. Vivian is Miss Independence but also very cautious and slow.
Then I hit the button on the coffeemaker to start the pot, and hope that I hit the right button.
Open the blinds and curtains, take the lid off the hamster bin, turn on the fish tank light...and feeding time at the Zoo begins!
First we feed the hamsters, the girls like to pick out how many sunflower seeds or cracked corn pieces that we add to their dish.
We've fattened Cinderella up pretty well, she's about the same size as Rory now.
The hamsters come running, they know breakfast time! They are so involved in stuffing their pouches that anyone can pet them, so I often hold the girls up so they can feel how soft the hamsters are.
Then we feed Mr. Tom Selleck (Tomick). Vivi is my helper with that and that means there's no guarantee the food will actually end up in the tank...any of it.
I thought this picture came out pretty cool! :)
We wash our hands, and then I feed the girls! :)
The first of about three breakfasts they have during the morning, they wake hungry!
This morning they started with the last of the Munchkin donuts we had...then on to pancakes...cereal...toast. etc. etc.

I took the girls out this afternoon to ride their bikes.
Shiloh managed to ride her bike up our driveway. It's a slope that had been too difficult for her before.
I was sitting on our steps at the top of the slope when she made it to the top. I clapped "YAY Shiloh! Great job!!!"
She got off her bike and came and gave me a big hug and kiss, "I so happy that you prize me, Mama. I so happy when you prize me."
Oh so sweet! I was still misty-eyed by the time she made it back up the hill again!

Then DH had managed to get a few more plants for the garden, so I ran down to pick them up. Cherry tomatoes, Watermelon, and cantaloupe!
DH's aunt asked Vivian if she was Chinese, Vivian said "No! I a monster!" lol
Vivi had been pretending to be a monster and chasing Shi while she rode her bike...until Shi got too nervous, went too fast and fell over.
She's okay, she actually fell over four times today so she's getting good at falling off safely.
She has training wheels so I'm a bit surprised she tips over so regularly.

Poor Vivi wanted to try pedaling her tricycle, so I moved the seat forward as far as it would go but her little legs are still too short for her to do it herself. I guess Mama will be pushing her around for awhile yet...but it's sometimes nice to know my baby's not growing too fast. :)

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