Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally...some sunshine!

Yay, sunshine!
It's been raining for so long it seems.
It even put me in the mood to plant my garden but looks like we might be getting some thunderstorms with hail so I'll hold off for a few more days.
I did put my plants in the porch so they can get used to the colder temps at night but still be protected from the elements.
They are growing so fast that they are quickly becoming pot bound so I really need to get them in the ground quickly.
Still need get some fencing to protect against the rabbit though. I should have stopped at Lowe's while we were out and about.

We did run to Target, needed to pick up a new rubber mat for the tub.
We love our old one because it has cute yellow ducks on it but we just cannot get it clean any more. I bleached it and DH scrubbed at it with a stiff brush and it just won't clean up.
Shi liked a princess mat they had but there was no way it was going to stay clean, so finally the girls and I agreed on one.
DH liked two other mats but mine got all the votes. lol. :) He doesn't even use the mat so I don't think it matters to him too much.

Vivian has been very into making sure her clothes match. She gets upset if I want to put a sweater on her and it doesn't "match" with her outfit.
She likes it when I pick out her outfit and she picks out matching socks, or she picks out the socks first and I have to coordinate.
DH had chosen a rather odd shirt combination for himself this morning and asked my opinion. I told him it didn't go well and that he could ask Vivi too.
Shi chimed in with her opinion also so DH went to change his shirts.
With three females in the house, we'll keep him properly presented at least. :)

I cleaned the hamster tank yesterday, the girls like that because it gives them a good opportunity to pet/touch the hamsters albeit briefly while the hamsters run around the empty tank.
Though it's almost guaranteed that one of the girls will some how knock over the hamster food dish and little bits of birdseed-like food will be scattered everywhere...(sigh).
Cinderella is still rather skittish, but both hamsters can be rather easily pet when they are eating.

We stopped at McDonalds after shopping and picked up some smoothies. I had a BOGO coupon to use and I wanted to try them.
We got a small Wild Berry (which Vivi and I like) and small Strawberry Banana (which Shi and DH like).
Since my Mom asked, the small size is 210 calories. A fruit and yogurt parfait is 160 calories so I'd probably stick with that.
The smoothies are made with yogurt and taste like it too. I personally am not really a yogurt person and don't really care for a creamy milky taste so I probably won't get them again.
Hopefully the yogurt won't bother Vivian's stomach, I tried to limit how much she drank and she does tolerate a bit of yogurt okay.

Next, I think I'd like to try their frozen strawberry lemonade, it sounds good to me. :)
Just need the warm weather that should go with it!

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