Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot and stormy!

Tornado watches...eek!
I think a good portion of the States have been under these during the past few weeks or so.
They make me nervous, in case you didn't already know that from this post.
I also don't like when they call for large hail, I've been hit by those and seen first-hand the damage that those hailstones can cause. Remember my hailstone pictures?

Today we did a bunch of shopping and got the oil changed my truck so now it's not blinking at me any longer. Yay!
I saved $11.76 by using coupons, Yay!
We also got to have lunch with my Mom. Yay!
The girls were excited to see Grama, and disappointed that we had to do some shopping first.
Then when I asked the girls if they had to go potty before we left the store, Shi asked "Does the restaurant have a potty?"
"Is is a clean potty?"
"Yes, I think so..."
"No, I don't have to go potty now."
Lol, as long as she knows the next stop has a clean restroom then she's good to go. :)

At lunch, Vivi pointed to the menu and said that she wanted the "snakes" for her meal. So she had chocolate chip pancakes and "snakes"...or as you might know it, bacon! ;)

Quite a hot and humid day. By about 4:30pm it was really nice with a light breeze.
Still warm though. The girls rode their bikes and when I took off Shi's helmet, her hair was just soaked with sweat.
So they had a quick popsicle, then hopped right in the tub.

Thunder and lightning now, so I better get offline!

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