Friday, May 13, 2011

Hotdog birds and Hamsters

I needed a place to put the seedlings so they could get lots of sunshine and stay warm until I can plant them outside.
So I turned my window seat into a plant shelf. Everything from cactus and african violets to tomatoes and squash.
These are green beans...I think.
I forgot what they were as soon as they started sprouting (isn't that always the way it goes?). The little loops of green stems looks really weird, like an alien plant.

Vivian gets excited every time we are driving and pass a "Mickey Da-dohs! Look Mom! Mickey Da-dohs!" (McDonalds)

When we were out shopping Shi kept saying "Mom, my hands are dirty you got any annatizer. I need some annatizer." Then Vivi chimes in that she needs annatizer too. (sanitizer).

This morning Vivi called me, she was all excited "Mama! I see it! I see the hotdog bird! The hotdog bird! I see it!" 
Not quite sure how she got so confused when saying "Hummingbird". lol
I can't believe I need to fill up my hummingbird feeder already! Hungry little birds. :)

The girls were putting on their shoes yesterday, to go out and ride bikes with their Daddy when Vivi tells me "I wanna go outside with my Chinese Dada, I wanna go outside with him." that's versus going outside with all your other fathers??
She's so funny. I told her that it's just Dada, you don't have to call him "Chinese Dada" and she said "But Dada is Chinese!"
Oh my, such Heather (my sister) can I argue with that?! ;-)

I finally got a good picture of Cinderella. She's cuddled close to Rory, they seem to be getting along great! (whew!) I never find them sleeping apart, always together.

We've had fun making little houses/toys out of things we have on hand. Cracker boxes, toothpaste boxes, jars, papertowel tubes...and my favorite part is that when they get messy I can just toss them.
I thoroughly cleaned the hamster tote box yesterday. I used to put Rory into the wire cage, when I was cleaning but since Cinderella can easily escape that I just kept them in the box while I was cleaning.
First I found a couple of horded stashes of food that they had. Once I uncovered them, both hamsters came running over and began stuffing their pouches.
Then when I had the box all clean and before I started putting everything back in, I kept finding seeds. I'd clean it out and find another seed.
Seems some-hamster stuffed their pouch a little too full, and had to empty it a little.
It was ridiculous, they could barely waddle! Little piggies!

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