Monday, May 23, 2011

A House girl

Today was pretty quiet.
I sort of wanted to get out of the house and maybe do a little shopping, but when we were driving around yesterday a dashboard light started blinking.
Uh oh...
I had to dig out the manual but it is just telling me I need to replace the oil, still I don't feel like driving it everywhere until I get the oil changed.

So I cleaned out my hallway closet instead of shopping.
My girls though it was awesome to leap onto the bags containing bedspreads and blankets, and when they tired of that they climbed up onto my bed and slid back down, over and over again.
They had a blast! ;)

We are dealing with a few stray ants. I have traps out but I think I need fresher ones.
Vivi started crying the other day because she was sitting on the potty and opened her wipes container and there was an ant inside...and being on the potty she couldn't get away.
I don't know what an ant would be doing in there anyways!
I found one in my glass of lemonade, which was sugar-free so I don't know what the ant was looking for. Then I had to clean my whole kitchen but I didn't find even one it's weird.

I was teasing Shiloh and asking her what kind of girl she was ( are you a silly girl?, smart girl, American girl etc.)
She said "No, I am dis Shiloh. I am...I am dis a House Girl." :)
So cute.

Vivian is my beauty girl.
Despite the fact that she rarely wants much done with her hair, she is right beside me when I am putting on my make-up. She wants to try some powder and lip gloss and use my face brushes. She has questions about what I am doing and what I'm using.
Last night I was putting on a cream and I explained to Vivi "This helps Mama look young..."
She looked serious "Oh...I already young." lol :)

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