Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I can't Q you under the kumbrella when it's jerrynarry out

Got that? ;)

DH planted the new veggies early this morning. The plants that we've already put in seem to be doing well.
The beans are continuing to grow like crazy and I had to put a tomato cage up to support them.
So far the rabbit has left everything alone too, since we still hadn't gotten a fence.
I'm not really wanting a fence either. The girls like to pick the veggies and it would be a pain with a fence.

The girls raked the lawn and rode bikes again today.
Shi only fell off her bike once...but then Vivi tripped twice while chasing Shi and pretending to be a monster.
They were both okay, and not even a tear.

Later DH called me because there was a big search on Main street for a 5yr old girl who had been missing for an hour. They were handing out fliers and going door to door.
Fortunately they found her shortly after he called me. She had wandered several blocks over crossing 4 or 5 streets/intersections, and some of them are pretty busy! Scary!

Shiloh invented a word that she's been using this far as I can tell, it's purely invented and not from a cartoon.
"jerrynarry" which means (as Shiloh explains it) when the sky is gray.
She uses in sentences "I don't want to put my pajamas on until it's jerrynarry. It's not jerrynarry yet", "I will use the potty when it's jerrynarry, can I wait until it's jerrynarry?"
Yes, it's an excuse word...ahem.
I think she couldn't find another reason to get out of certain things.
Since her bedtime is before it's dark she knows she can't say "Can I wait till it's dark out?"...Ta da! An excuse for when it's "gray" out.

She's always been big on invented words too. Actually even teaching them to her little sister.
Now they both ask us to carry them by saying "Mommy Q?" "Dada Q me!" which means "carry me".
Vivian has always been more focused on saying words properly, which is why she can say "umbrella" and Shi still says "kumbrella". :)

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