Friday, May 20, 2011

Ice Cream!

The Green beans are growing taller still....

I had to make this practice sheet for Shi. Her schoolwork keeps asking her to write the number that comes before, and the number that comes after. She's pretty good at knowing which number comes after but finding the before number stumps her.

I also made her a sheet to help her remember if a vowel is making a long or short sound. I'm not sure if that's helping her yet or not.
Today we had ice cream. We all had ice cream...even Miss Vivian and her lactose-intolerant tummy. I bought her chocolate Lactaid ice cream. I tasted it and it is soo good!
But I am reserving it for Vivian alone. My stomach is okay with a tiny bowl of regular ice cream, and I am certain my waistline does better with just that tiny bowl too! ;-)

I think she likes it.....

Yeah, she likes it!
She had ice cream up her arms and on the table and even on her legs, despite the bib!
It was an ice cream bath and I'm not sure that has the same helpful effects of a milk bath?

Miss Shi was a little neater with her ice cream...very little.
She had to spit out the nuts that were in her ice cream though, and she's not too good at spitting....or aiming.

It's messy, messy, goodness!

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