Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's a bird...It's a plane...

What are they looking at?
What has them so fascinated?

Watching their Daddy plant our garden!
It is just below this window so they had a pretty good view. :)
The yard was pretty soggy so watching from indoors was a better choice.
Plus I knew Shiloh would want to "help" rake the garden like she did yesterday and I thought I'd save DH from getting whacked in the face while he tried to plant tomatoes.

There is still a lot of empty space but we need room for thinning the plants when they get bigger and there's also room if we decide to put in anything else.
I guess we won't be getting anything from our local Farmer's market though since (oddly enough) it changed locations this summer and is no longer a quick stop for DH.
My lilac bush is in full bloom. Our yard smells so lovely.
God makes a better air freshener than I've ever found for inside! :)

We ran out to get some groceries today. I was going through my cupboards this morning to see what I needed to pick up and discovered SIX jars of tomato sauce.
Hmm, six jars of sauce and yet not a slice of bread in the house!
Keeping up with the perishables is the hard part.
Tomato sauce and pasta are two staples that I like to keep on hand so I guess I tend to pick up a jar each time I shop.
We did have spaghetti and meatballs for lunch today, so I used up a jar from my stockpile. ;)

I've got to go play beauty salon with the girls now. They need their bangs trimmed.
Their hair grows so quickly, especially as the weather starts to warm up!
Vivian hasn't wanted me to style her hair too often so I've debated trimming it shorter, but at the longer length it tucks back pretty well....and frankly it's just so cute.
Long wisps of yet baby hair. :)

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