Friday, May 27, 2011

Just checking for closet monsters...

Definitely Lemonade weather! :)

We had a l-o-n-g night, last night.
DH and I stayed up until the tornado watch was over, watching "Mr. Bean" episodes on Hulu. :)
Then we went to bed until Shi woke up crying because she heard the thunder. I finally got her back to sleep and crawled back into my bed around 1am.
Suddenly I'm jolted awake about 30 minutes later by Shiloh screaming and crying, then Vivian starts wailing too.
The room is pitch black. The power had gone out.
I jump out of bed without thinking of anything other than my kids screaming.
I don't grab my glasses or anything, and I stub my toe on the wall and somehow get so disoriented in the dark that I end up lost in my closet.
Yes, I'm serious.
DH hit the light on his cellphone so I could figure out where I was and where I was going!
Sleep-deprived Mommy brain!

DH got some substitute night lights set up for the girls, but we were all wide-awake and it took a long time to get the girls settled again.

This morning the power still wasn't on.
Shi was most upset with the fact that Tomick (the fish) didn't have bubbles in his tank from the aerator. She didn't quite understand what "the power is out" meant.
She kept asking "Are you going to make coffee?"
"No, The power is out"
"Can we turn on Tomick's bubbles?"
"No, The power is out"
"Can I go on the laptop?"
"No, The power is out"
"Can I have toast?"
"No, The power is out"

Repeating myself is something I find I'm doing very often and times two now that Vivi is in the "but why?" and "but how?" stage.
 We were just about to go out and find a place for coffee (we really needed coffee!!) and breakfast when the power finally came back on at almost 8am.

Vivian was crabby and over-tired this morning.
She finally fell asleep, napping so sweetly....

...though perhaps not too comfortably?

That is one of our dining room chairs that she's sleeping on.

When it's's naptime!

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