Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day

Yesterday was nice and sunny so Shiloh and I started making chalk drawings.
With this one she said "Oh! I have to draw some rain because the flower needs rain to grow!" so she drew lots of rain...
But I am thankful today was mostly sunny. :)
The girls rode their bikes and blew bubbles, then came inside for popsicles.

I found that Vivian had her first 2 yr. molar cut through. I would definitely say her amber necklace helped. It's not a miracle cure, but she certainly needed a lot less pain relievers.
She also didn't wake up crying and saying her teeth hurt, (though there were times when she woke and just wanted me to hold her)...and with all her other molars she has scratched her jaw all up when they were coming through but she didn't scratch it at all this time!
Molars usually are the worst so I am quite happy. :)

Also today we made tissue paper flowers and a little vase as a Mother's Day craft. I think the girls had the most fun with the vase, the flowers were a little complicated for them...
These are my other Mother's Day flowers that my hubby got for me. :)

A friend's son is in preschool and then sent home this little Mother's Day page with questions about their Mom and then they draw a picture of their Mom, which I thought was cute so I tried it with the girls...
Shiloh's page...the pink is her answers to the questions. Apparently I look prettiest wearing a shirt, Hmm...good to know. ;)
Vivian's page...she didn't quite understand a couple questions so I left those blank.
I asked her "What makes Mommy look pretty?" and she replied "Great Grandma".
Oh...this child is full of one-liners! lol

Happy Mother's Day!

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