Sunday, May 15, 2011

My beanstalks

The green beans today. They are getting so big and so quickly!
I'm glad children don't grow so fast, can you imagine?

They are already starting to lean toward the sun so I have to start rotating the planter now.
Hopefully we'll get to plant them outside soon, the nights are finally getting a bit warmer.

We have another problem though, our visiting Easter bunny has decided that he/she really likes our backyard and we've spotted her several times right near the house and future garden.
One time the bunny hopped away really casually with a huge mouthful of grass....not even nervous of us enough to drop its lunch! Sassy rabbit!
So the bunny has to move on to greener backyards or else I guess we'll have to invest in some type of fencing for our garden.

The rest of the seedlings are coming along well also. Acorn squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. We may get some plants from the farmer's market too, we've done that before. But our garden isn't all that big and I think we'll have it to overflowing capacity as it is.

Tomato cages and Zucchini take up a lot of space just on their own.

I was just stroking Vivian's hair and I felt a knot. I asked her what she got in her hair and she said "Oh dis some toothpaste...dis some food...dis some grilled cheese."
Apparently, her hair is a buffet.
Hmm...considering she hasn't even had grilled cheese I find that quite a feat. ;-)

We played hide and seek last night, the girls and I. First I hid and both girls were seeking, and then Vivi and I hid while Shiloh tried to find us.
Shiloh started calling "Mama! Mama where are you?"
I stayed silent.
Then Shi called "Vivian! Vivian where are you?"
From behind me, a tiny voice piped up "I in da bafroom!!"
(sigh) The weak link! lol

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