Friday, May 06, 2011

Oh Ear!

Our drama yesterday morning....
Shiloh woke up and said that "...her pillow left crunchies in her ear". So I checked her ear and it was all wax and dried blood!
I cleaned it off with a warm washcloth, but her ear canal was full of the same so I called the Pediatrician's office and they got us right in.
I was so afraid she had an ear infection and had burst her ear drum!
Thankfully that was not the case and her ear drum is fine, and so far no infection but somehow her ear canal is all scratched up which was the source of the bleeding.

They thought it was so odd that the NP even called the Dr. in for a second opinion. We don't know how it got scratched up but she has ear drops to help it heal and they'll recheck it next week.
Shi says that her ear doesn't hurt at all, though she's not too happy about having drops put in her ear....not that I can blame her!
It's Vivi's turn to be comforting. When Shi is upset about the drops, she pats Shi's arm and says "it okay, Shiwo". Soo sweet.

Vivian was pretending to be a snowman this morning...that's a plastic carrot. :)

She was such a big girl yesterday. I forgot all about pull-ups or even making her use the potty before we ran out the door in the morning because I was a bit flustered with Shi's ear.
We were out and about for much of the day and Vivi stayed dry and even used the potty while we out! yay!

(If you don't want to hear all about small furry rodents...stop reading now.) :)
Our hamster finally has a name "Princess Aurora" aka "Rory".
I don't think I had updated with her name.
Now Rory hasn't become totally my spoiled pet, not me!
We thought she was pregnant for a bit, but nope she just enjoys food...and I love how she takes things from my hand so I indulge her a little. ;)
(plus I found out the pet store is feeding them the wrong hamster food so they probably weren't eating much while there. One pellet of their hamster food is about the same size as a dwarf hamster!)

Now introducing "Cinderella"

The girls wanted another hamster. Well actually Shiloh wanted five hamsters!
So we picked up Cinderella yesterday...the girls named her in the car ride home since we wanted something to go with Rory's name.
I set up the wire cage that we first used for Rory and put Cinderella in there. I left the cage in a box on the bathroom floor because the girls wanted to look at her for a bit.
Shiloh told me that the tiny box from the pet store said "Take Home". She read it all by herself!!! :-D
Then the girls called me to look because the hamster was climbing the cage.
Not a big deal, Rory did that all the time in the cage too but I went to watch her with the girls.
Next thing, Cinderella sticks her head between the bars of the cage.
Then she squeezes her whole body through the bars of the cage and she's just sitting outside the cage in the box!
These bars are less than 1/2" apart! She is so tiny!
Sooo thankful I kept the cage in the box.

Now what to do! I've got a hamster in a cardboard box...that has no lid.
So we had to put her in with Rory and hope that they got along.
I did threaten Cinderella that if she was mean, I was going to name her after one of the ugly step-sisters instead! ha!

As tiny as Rory is, she could pretty much sit on Cinderella and squish her so I wasn't sure what to expect.
They did a lot of posturing and a few small skirmishes. Then it turns out that Rory is just a fluffy, "not-in-the-face" hamster who totally turned submissive.
She showed her belly then ran off and started eating sunflower seeds from her pouch.
That has been her main focus now, to run and get all the sunflower seeds and shove them in her pouch before the other hamster can get them.
She's waddling and a little top-heavy because her pouch is so full. lol

I was nervous how the night would go because Rory is just spastic energy at night and we wouldn't be around to separate any serious fights.
But it was a chilly night and this morning I found them together under a graham cracker box.
Not looking at each other, but together.
Cinderella is the brown one on the left, Rory is the white and brown one.
They've been sleeping the day away together in the box too.
So hopefully this is a good sign they'll get along.

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