Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy day photos

A dreary rainy Monday, but the hummingbirds don't seem to mind one bit.
They've been buzzing to the feeder all day. Females came to the feeder too but I only was able to get photos of the males...
I was looking up some facts about hummingbirds, like that they lay pea-sized eggs.
Their nests sound interesting (from Wikipedia) "The nest is constructed on a small, downward-sloping tree limb 10–20 feet above the ground. It is composed of bud scales, with lichen on the exterior, bound with spider's silk, and lined with plant down (often dandelion or thistle down). "

I just can't imagine binding anything with spider silk! Lining it with dandelion sounds kind of sweet. :)

"Vivian, can you say hummingbird?"

"I want to buy a hummburger."  :)

Took this picture of Cinderella today...I'm in a picture taking mood with all the rain keeping us house-bound.
 "I like this restaurant, but the straws are just so big!"

Our amazing growing beanstalks...we'll probably be able to climb them by next week! lol

Vivi was going through my coupons today.

Shi wanted me to take a picture of her silly face. (which she thinks is hysterical btw) :)
Now I've got to go and make Miss Silly face a grilled cheese. :)

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