Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

Miss Vivian playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys. I used two oatmeal containers to store them in. They work great! The girls can open and close them easily and they've held up.
One container I covered with "Princess" wrapping paper, the other one I haven't dressed up yet. This was just after her bath this afternoon. :)
I can feel the points of her third molar today, they really are rushing in!

My beanstalks today!

Busy day around the house.
We were going to run to the grocery store but just as we were getting ready, it started really raining and then we got busy with other things so we just stayed in.
I wiped down all my cupboards, then tend to get sticky from little fingers...probably my own. lol.
I swept and mopped, and the girls helped to put all the kitchen rugs back in place. Well, once they stopped pretending to nap on the rugs...climb under the rugs...and running around squealing with my runner (pretending to be a snake or something), then they put them back.

I made banana muffins, because Vivi didn't finish her last two bananas and it was the only recipe that took two bananas. ;)
I also made turkey meatballs because Shiloh loves them and we haven't had any in awhile. She'll just eat them plain even without pasta or sauce.
I made them quickly after I had put the girls to bed but the smell woke Shi up "MMmm, what's that smell? I'm hungry!"

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