Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scaling the water bottle (hamster vid)

I was trying to take a video of both hamsters running on their spinner. Sorry it is so dark but the hamsters tend to go back into their boxes when I brighten the lights.
Anyways, during the video Rory tried to get to me which is what she normally does. (I would be flattered but I'm certain that she just thinks I have a treat for her!)
So in her determination she figured out she can just climb the water bottle to get to the top of the bin!

I tied the water bottle on differently this morning, and while I was adjusting it both hamsters came running over for a drink so I ended up holding the water bottle for them while they drank.
Hmm, I never even had to hold a bottle for my own kids!
Hopefully I have it tied up now so that Rory can't do any more Indiana Jones maneuvers.
She thinks she's a Wonder pet!

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