Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stop means stop

The thunderstorms have bad timing!
One a.m. a huge storm came through again. DH and I actually woke up first because the thunder was quite loud...tons of lightning too.
Vivian was the first girl to wake. Poor baby jumped a foot at one big bang of thunder. Then Shi woke too, but fortunately the storms went through pretty quickly and the girls went back to sleep easier than the night before.
The power stayed on too which was great. :)

This morning Vivian dug out one of Shiloh's stuffed cats, she promptly named it "Slimey" and has carried it around the entire day.
Apparently Slimey even ate Vivian's cookie today, I guess he was hungry!

We spent some time outside this afternoon.
The zucchini didn't weather the storms too well. Every single stem is broken. :(
I propped them up with sticks to see if they can fix themselves. I looked for more zucchini seeds when I was out shopping the other day but I couldn't find any so I guess we'll see how they do.

Then Shiloh rode her bike around while Vivi and I drew chalk arrows and wrote "Go" on the driveway for Shiloh to follow.
Well Vivi actually only wrote yellow X's next to my arrows for emphasis. :)
I did write "Stop" once but Shi didn't like that and had me cross it out and write "Go" instead because she was stuck there and couldn't go forward because it said "stop".
Yeah, she wasn't going for any of my explanations of how she could actually go after stopping...

Hopefully there will be no storms tonight and we can get some sleep!

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