Sunday, May 01, 2011

We all scream for ice cream... bad for jeans. Plain and simple.
I wore a hole through a pair. :(
Yesterday I was crawling around the girls' playhouse, growling and pretending to be a monster playing a proper and ladylike game, while the girls huddled inside the house squealing and giggling.
Today I discovered I had worn a hole in the knees of my jeans.
DH looked at the hole and said "Well, we didn't buy those jeans (meaning together) so they must be old anyways".
That man and having to date everything!
So we've been married nearly 8 years now, and the jeans were probably a good 5 years old at that, well what is the lifespan of jeans anyways?

The ice cream truck has come back to the neighborhood, except it's weird and zooms up our street fast not even stopping or slowing down like they normally do....not that I'm complaining since it was rather obnoxious last year when they parked outside my house minutes after I had laid Vivi down for a nap, or even after I had put the girls down for the night.
The girls want to see the truck though, so they've been disappointed they've only hear the tinny music whipping past the house.

The funny thing is that the girls have come up with a new game based our speeding ice cream truck. :)
Vivi loads her arms up with a few ice cream cones from their kitchen set and walks slowly through the house saying "I have ice cream....I have ice cream".
Then when she walks near Shiloh, Shiloh will squeal and say "Ooh, I want ice cream!"
At which point Vivi takes off running through the house with Shiloh chasing her and both giggling hysterically.
Then Shiloh goes back to her spot and they start all over. BTW: Shiloh never does get the ice cream, lol, she doesn't want to end the game.

I bought some Lactaid ice cream for Vivi today, I just can't stand the thought of her missing out on melty summer ice cream cones! I can't wait for her to try it, hopefully she likes's chocolate! :)

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