Thursday, June 30, 2011

At least it wasn't a baby Taz....

Yesterday I saw the Tasmanian devil, or at least our backyard version of it (aka: black groundhog).
Today our guest of honor is...

Remember our "Easter Bunny"?

Well, She has been rather busy since Easter.
See what I mean??

Hard to see?
I'll zoom in for you.

Such a tiny baby bunny.
The pictures are deceiving, he is only about the size of my hand.
He was hiding so still, and camouflaged so well that I nearly missed him.
By the way, just guess where his Mama hid him...just inches from my zucchini plants!

Hmm, such a nice nursery!
The girls were quite concerned about where his Mama was and why she left him alone.
I told them that she was just waiting for us to go and then she'd come back for him.
They wanted to bring him some bits of our green beans and Vivi also suggested that he might like a sweet potato fry.

We had gone out to pick green beans to add to our dinner, and our bushes did not disappoint!
So amazing to be able to pick such fresh veggies and eat them right away.
I love it!
As much as it endangers my garden, I do love that my girls get to experience finding baby rabbits like I remember happening when I was young. :)

I could do without discovering the "Tasmanian devil"...but you can't pick and choose these things!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I tawt I taw....

I looked out the window this morning and I thought I saw this...

Well, not exactly that.
Let me show you! I did snap a picture of course....

Do you see it? neither.
In the time it took me to turn the flash off on my camera, so it wouldn't glare against the glass, the creature had disappeared.
I rushed to another window, and then another but I couldn't see it anymore. The girls followed me asking "What was it Mommy? What did you see, was it an ant?"
Nooo...not an ant. (Do I really freak out about ants?)
"I tawt I taw a Tasmanian devil!"

We were just getting ready to run out to the store so I took a long time getting ready after that. I wasn't eager to encounter it.
I mean, really what was it!

Finally, after looking out all the windows to make sure there was no sign of the creature, I rushed the girls out to the car and we spent the afternoon shopping.

We came home and I was carrying sleeping Vivian to the door, when I saw a bit of furry blackness near the front of the house.
I jumped, then froze. (I know, I have awesome reactions in a crisis)
Big sigh of relief, was just a small black poodle being walked by a little girl.
(I know, not even a crisis anyways)

Okay, I've got to find out what this animal was otherwise I'm going to be jumping at every black shadow I see.
Trusty friend Google find something black...and furry...and devilish, or possibly has mange?
A schipperke with mange? No, wrong tail...
A black possum? Nope.

Hmm, a black groundhog? Do they even come in that color?
Aha, maybe that is it!

So that I can sleep at night, I will say that it is.
They do look remarkably alike.
Just compare a Tasmanian devil to a black groundhog.
Black groundhogs seem to be pretty unusual.
I had certainly never seen one before, I didn't even know groundhogs came in different colors other than shades of brown!

I think maybe I can venture out into my garden again...that is, if he doesn't eat it all!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Surprise in the garden

Guess what we discovered today?
Do you see??
I knew those green beans were growing fast but I was still shocked to find that some were ready to be picked!
Our first harvest from our garden this year! yay!

The girls were thrilled to get out their bags and pick the beans! :)
Shiloh also took her little shovel out and spent quite awhile digging in the garden and getting the dirt just right.
Vivi and I opted to stay in the shade of the garage and just enjoy the weather. She just sat on my lap for awhile and then decide to sweep the garage.
She just kept forgetting to sweep "out" the garage and instead kept sweeping the dirt into the garage....

They rode their bikes for a bit too, though it was quite hot today so we didn't stay out too long. The girls get quite sweaty under their bike helmets!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

or maybe we'll stay in...

Just sitting here on the couch with Miss Vivi, eating chips and pumice (hummus). :)
She's making her little toys say "Mmm! chips and pumice. Yummy, yummy! Ooh I eat pumice too." (lots of smacking noises)
Oops, monkey toy fell into the hummus!
So not wanting to waste the delicious hummus Vivi cleaned him a three year old would. ;-P

I took the girls outside this afternoon because they wanted to ride their bikes. Looking out our backdoor it was blue skies and nice and sunny.
When you came out the door and turned around though, you saw this....
We checked out the garden, took a few pictures of my baby zucchini...
...and green beans which are growing so fast!
Then Shiloh did a few laps of the driveway and it started sprinkling.
A few more laps and it was a deluge!
We were stuck in the garage for few minutes until it lightened a bit then we made a mad dash for the house.
So much for getting outside!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Family reunion on aisle 5

I woke up this morning with a headache, yuck!
Thankfully Exedrin helped it immensely. Vivian was up again a few times during the night so I'm thinking it's probably her last molar.
At least she doesn't know it's her molar, she's not scratching up her jaw or asking for medicine every two seconds.
I love her amber teething necklace! :)
She just wants me to cuddle her or some small request before she falls back's just the interrupted sleep that causes my fog-brain and headaches.

I took the girls out shopping today.
We first went to Walmart, even though I don't care for this particular Walmart.
They tend to be very disorganized and make a lot of mistakes, both with their customer services and with their prices...remember Vivian's $1 dinosaur that rang up for $36?
Well, they had their share of mistakes today too...

But we went out in the garden center and they had a lot of blooming plants and bushes.
Shiloh looked around and said "Wow! It's an angel garden!" Vivi piped up "Angel garden! Mama it angel garden!" :)
So we shopped around the "angel garden" a bit while the girls asked me how the angel garden got there and why was it there?
It was also nice to run into my sister and nieces and nephews there.
Shi kept asking if Grama was going to be coming too. Family Reunion! :)
Then we all went to Target. :)
I just like to walk around Target, with its nice wide aisles and less crowds.
Vivian was getting quite sleepy by then. She gets silly when she's tired and she kept trying to kiss me and laughing hysterically if I made a face or turned my head.
Then she wanted me carry her everywhere...Ow, she's getting heavy!

I made Tuna Noodle Casserole for dinner.
I used Ronzoni "Garden Delight" Radiatore noodles for a change. The girls always like different color pasta and this type says it has a full serving of vegetables per serving of pasta. Hmm...sounds good to me!
Tasty too!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is Me, on Autopilot

Vivian had a rough night, last night. Which meant that I had a rough night too.
I'm not sure what the problem was, she complained that her leg ached so maybe just growing pains or possibly even her last molar coming it.

I was so tired this morning, I went into this sort of zoned-out Autopilot.
I already had the coffee pot set the night before with mostly decaf, but I really could have used some regular coffee.
When the coffee was ready I poured a cup for both DH and myself...totally forgetting that DH wouldn't be up for about another hour.
I set his cup next to the laptop for him and forgot all about it until he came down and took a sip of cold coffee.

Then I was making a waffle for him and had cut most of it into tiny pieces until it dawned on me that he was perfectly capable of cutting his own waffle...and he didn't need it to be in such tiny pieces either!
He also ended up with about four or five plates of food in front of him. Some were the girls' plates, but it was a lot of food. I don't know what happened. lol
I was just soo tired!!

Shiloh sometimes gets bored with writing her name on her school pages. She think it's hysterical if I say something like "Okay you need to write your name now, so write "Grama" on the top." or "Can you write your name "Hamster Rory"? that's "H" for Hamster."
She giggles and says "No, my name is Shiloh! S-H-I-L-O-H! Shiloh".
Today I asked if she could write her name in cursive. I thought she did great, especially for not even being five yet!" :)

I took a brief nap while Vivi was napping...for about five minutes until Shiloh told me she was hungry.

I was so rested I decided to make pies. lol.
I stuck with fairly simple recipes so I wouldn't mess it up too badly in my sleep-deprived state.
At least I didn't burn my leg on the oven door like I did the other day...I didn't even have a good excuse for that!

Apple Crumb (before baking)...
....and Pumpkin.
(Didn't you know it's not just for Thanksgiving, it also celebrates the first day of Summer?) ;)
"Are you reading the can, Mom?"

"Is the can telling you how to make pie?"

Lol, that's what Shiloh asked me. And yes, I got the recipe from the pumpkin can.
That was probably the hardest part for my autopilot brain to comprehend. I had to rescue the can from the sink and recycling bag a few times!
"Ack! My recipe!"

Vivian is so impressed with Shiloh's ability to read now. Today she kept taking Shiloh around the house and asking her what this or that says. :)
It's adorable!
Shiloh is more than happy to show off her skills too, to the best of her abilities anyways.
Most times she can make out at least one word of whatever she's requested to read, and that is enough to satisfy her sister. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lilliputian Garden

Our garden has survived thunderstorm after thunderstorm and hailstorm after hailstorm.
I'm really not sure how it made it through quarter-sized hailstones except that the house must offer enough protection.

Tiny micro green beans are appearing, and also baby zucchini...
My little gardeners...

Shi keeps asking if she can help pick vegetables yet...but since we're not Barbie size we'll have wait for everything to get a bit bigger. :)
Tiny rakes, tiny beans, tiny zucchini...we'll have a tiny feast!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hmm...needs cheese!

I made my first lasagna today.
It was a lactose-free lasagna, and I was quite nervous about it.
Well after all I couldn't find a recipe that I liked so I kinda put together my own. I just wanted a "lactose-free" recipe and all the recipes I kept finding cut out more than just the dairy.

After making sure I got the "right" lasagna noodles...ugh, I still found out I bought the wrong ones!
I wanted the kind you boil first, but found that mine were "oven ready". I still boiled them, just for a few minutes and that worked great!

It is tasty....but not lasagna. :(
It doesn't hold together great so I think if I mixed the ingredients with simple elbow macaroni, I could have the same taste and less effort.
On the plus side, I got Vivian to eat both tofu and spinach (which were in the lasagna casserole) and she asked for seconds!
Shiloh ate a bit but she was highly deterred by all the work it took to remove each micro piece of green that she saw.

Shiloh is my fussy girl anyways.
I made oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies the other day. I have rarely included the raisins because Shi doesn't like them...but this time I did.
She ate three over a couple days before she discovered they had raisins! lol.
She was so flustered "Mom, I don't know how that raisin got in there...but I found TWO! There were two raisins and ONE chocolate chip!" ;-)

Sneaky, sneaky raisins!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
I made DH a big batch of cookies and a cake last night.(Three hour marathon of baking and washing three sinkfuls of dishes that the baking produced!) He likes cookies that he can bring into work with him especially since he's working a lot this week.
I also had the girls make up a page like the ones they did for Mother's Day.
Hmm, quite amusing!
The first one is Vivian's
This is Shiloh's...she drew her Daddy in a cage because she thought it was so funny.

Shiloh was supposed to draw a snake for her schoolwork (she read the word and was supposed to draw a picture of what she read). So we were talking about snakes and what colors they are and I asked Shi what she thought that snakes ate for food.
She frowned and said she didn't know, then suddenly perked right up. "I know what snakes eat! They EAT DUST!!"
Lol, I think that's her favorite part when we read about Adam & Eve. :)

We went to the grocery store this morning since I completely ran out of oil during last night's bake fest. DH likes to use the self-checkout but Vivi was so confused over why we had to keep telling her she couldn't help with carrying the bags before we were done and that she had to stop leaning against the counter every two seconds.
Our monitor kept blaring that we needed assistance and our cashier was probably rolling her eyes. ;-o
I think I'll stick to a human cashier next time!

What's the "Plus" in your Puffs Plus?? :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crafting and Shopping Day

I decided to take the girls to Joann's "Make it, Take it" event today.
Often their crafts are for children ages 5 and up but this one was for all ages!
The girls were actually the very first ones to start their projects. They were also the youngest by far! :)
The craft was coloring little bobble head pets (there were about 7 or 8 different styles) and making a tag to go with it.
Vivian was a little entranced with watching the other children more than coloring her puppy though.

On the other hand Shiloh was totally focused. After half an hour she still wasn't totally done. I told her she could finish it at home with her own markers. :) She is that perfectionist first child!
Then we went to Target and ate our lunch. PBJ's and chips, graham crackers and apple juice. It was so hot, I was nervous to pack much that was perishable. But thankfully we had some shade and a nice breeze in the parking lot.
Then we did a little shopping and a whole lot of browsing and just walking and looking.
Vivi fell asleep on the ride home and slept for a good three hours! Wore her out!

The semi-finished crafts below. Shi hadn't finished coloring her cat yet and the little pink bows had fallen off (I'm gluing them back on now, while she's sleeping).
They also made little tags with a pocket to hold a note, and as a bonus she gave them little butterfly garden markers for us to paint at home. :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Party time

Vivian's birthday started quite early.
The girls were allowed to wear their princess dresses all day, and Shi was so excited about it that she woke at 5:30am to start getting dressed!

Vivi's cute birthday her favorite color, purple! Thank you Grama for the matching Tinkerbell candles. :)

The girls waiting for cake while wearing their princess dresses. They were allowed to wear their dresses all day.
Vivian had her hair up in a ballerina bun for most of the day, but she was tired of it by the time of the party. (plus her nap had mussed it up)
Opening presents!

Vivian's new pony. It gave me a chance to practice the herringbone braid on a stationary subject! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miss V is turning three!

My baby girl is almost Three!

She was showing me that her lips were wet from eating grapes.
Daddy blew up this balloon last night, I thought it looked like "Slimey" from Sesame Street. So I drew a face on it. :)
These balloons pop LOUD! VERY VERY LOUD!
One popped during the night and woke me from a sound sleep. Eek!

This morning Vivian kept asking me to help her find her "Princess telly-cope".
Shiloh helped me to figure out that she was saying "Princess telescope" which actually is a Princess kaleidoscope. :)

One of our young neighbors suddenly blew loudly and off-tune on his trumpet.
I said "Ugh, what was that?"
Shiloh piped up "It wasn't me! I pooped yesterday!"
LOL, oh she's so funny. :)

When I tell Shiloh in a stern voice to do something, she salutes me and says with a little smile "Yes Sir, Miss Mama!" So sassy!

Vivian's potty has been "leaking". I wasn't sure what the cause was so I cleaned it and filled it up with water and left it overnight sitting on some paper towels.
It was dry underneath this morning.
So its been a bit of user error going on, I guess...

I decided to put the potty away then. A little celebration of turning three?
She did ask where her little potty went, and I told her I had to put it away because it was leaking and so far she's been fine with that.

The birthday princess has requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow, yum!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waiting for the gumdrop trees and gingerbread houses

The girls have been busy potty-training a Carebear.
Shiloh made sure that he/she/it knew to let her know if he had to go potty. At their little lunch party they had with their play food, Vivian advised the Carebear "Only a little lemonade, too much make you pee."
Ah, Carebear is growing up! :)

Shi was wearing her cat mask around the house yesterday and she told me "You know the important reason I wear my mask? I wear it for sunscreen!"
Hmm, doesn't every one? lol
I personally love to go to the beach and see everyone in their suits and Halloween masks. ;-)

Vivi accidentally kicked me, "Did you kick me?!" I asked
She smiled "A love kick. A love kick."
Where does she come up with this stuff?

I've been using Vivian's upcoming birthday as a good reason to "Summer clean" the house. So I've been busy polishing the floors and cupboards, cleaning out the fridge, and cleaning up the toy room.
It's actually been going so well that I was thinking of doing a deep cleaning around each member of my family's birthday since they all are approximately three months apart.
Makes it an easy way for me to remember and have a set timeline.
Though I might skip timing it around my own birthday, I mean that's not a fun way to celebrate for me! ;)

Yesterday we went outside for a bit. It was much cooler and a rather nice change.
Despite the hail and storms that we've had, the garden is doing quite well.
The bean bushes have flowers and there are already tiny green tomatoes on our cherry tomato bush.
Everything else is doing well also.
I spent awhile trimming back a fire bush near our garage. Not the ideal time of year for trimming but it was now blocking our garage window.
Then the girls and I raked up all the branches into a nice what DH will do with the pile I'm not sure. lol
We also had to fill up our hummingbird feeder, for the third time this year already!
Thirsty little birds, but the flowering bushes that they love haven't blossomed yet.

One of the ice cream trucks went past our house the other day, and it had a bubble machine on the back!!
It was so cute to see the entire street filled with floating bubbles as it passed by.
Sort of felt like we were in some storybook children's land for a minute!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Triple Layer Banana Cake

We had bought a bunch of bananas because Vivian likes them, but then she got sick and wasn't eating them and it was so hot this week that they were ripening too quickly.
I made a banana bread with some of the bananas but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the rest.

Then I found a Taste of Home recipe for "Triple Layer Banana Cake"
Except I don't have three round cake pans for each layer, I have two.
I thought a square pan might work for the bottom layer or I could try a pie pan.
I decided to go with the pie pan which actually worked out really well and made a nicely rounded top to the cake.
I put all three pans in the oven at once, I'm not sure if I was supposed to do that but they all baked up nicely.

The recipe calls for a peanut butter frosting. But I'm not really crazy about peanut butter and bananas. I prefer my bananas smothered in chocolate and at the bottom of a banana split! :)
So in compromise I made a lesser amount of the peanut butter frosting (no measuring, just eyeballing it and tasting until I got it right) and used that to fill between the layers.
Then I covered the whole cake in chocolate frosting, and added a dash of sprinkles to the top.

Quite the decadent dessert!

So pretty, yum!

My taste testers liked it as well. :)
It is a lighter texture than banana bread and the peanut butter and chocolate frostings go well with both the banana cake and with each other.
So nice to have my girls feeling well enough that they played together and gave me time to make the cake. ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday shopping

Yay! Finally the girls were feeling better today.
Vivian's nose is quite red and raw and a bit runny which drives her nuts, but no more fever!
We even ventured out shopping since I still had things to buy for a certain soon-to-be three year old. :)
Our shopping trip went pretty fast since both girls wanted to sit in the cart and snack on animal crackers. It's much faster pushing them around than going at their pace. :)

I was looking for tomato cages/fences but this Wal-Mart was all out. Amazingly enough our garden seems to have weathered all the hail surprisingly well!
I thought our tomatoes would be growing taller than they are, but they seem quite hearty so that has worked to an advantage with this crazy weather.
My three zucchini plants that had their stems broken in an earlier storm, surprised me. Propping the stems with sticks helped immensely and they managed to heal their stems themselves...all three of them!
They even have the beginnings of buds. :)

We also finally picked up a water bottle for Cinderella. Until now I've had to borrow Rory's water bottle and hold it for Cinderella to drink from a couple times a day.
Fortunately Cinderella was fine with being bottle fed but that certainly wasn't a long-term solution.
I tried using a small dish of water but she just climbed in it and then dropped bedding in there which soaked up all the water.

I actually finished my shopping quickly and then the girls wanted to walk so we just browsed for a bit.
We looked around the craft section. The girls were so excited in the yarn aisle. They kept bringing me different colored skein and showing me ones that were soft or variegated...they were more excited there than they were in the toy aisle.
I guess they take after their Mama! :)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

What a week

It has been a rough week!
Vivian had a fever of 103 degrees yesterday, while the temperature outside reached 100 degrees also!
She was miserable, make that MISERABLE!
We had some storms come through in the afternoon but they didn't cool the day too much. Then at 7pm. the power went out.:(
I rushed to get the girls ready for bed and laundry put away and everything picked up before it got too dark in the house.
The bedrooms were just sweltering hot so I settled the girls on the couch and loveseat and laid down near them until they fell asleep.

I had to ban Rory (the hamster) to the bathroom though since she's just too noisy on her flying saucer and we couldn't sleep.
After another attack on Rory, Cinderella has her own permanent bin now. She's quieter though (since she doesn't have her own wheel yet) so she was able to stay.

Both girls were sweating in their sleep and I was worried about Vivian's fever returning (though I gave her some medicine before bed) so I ended up fanning them by hand with a magazine off and on until the night became cooler.
I appreciate fans so much more now! lol
DH and I camped out in the living room with the girls. It was just too hot in the bedrooms.
It was after midnight when two huge power trucks came down our street and got the power restored. Yay!
So we were able to all go back to our comfortable beds and finally get some real sleep.

This morning Vivian's temperature was and stayed in the 99 range.
She still feels miserable though and now has quite the raw nose from wiping it so much.
I had to go out for groceries but she was so clingy and just feeling bad and wanting Mama, that I waited for her nap time and then DH watched both girls.
There was another thunderstorm warning but I didn't have much choice of what time I could choose to go out.

I had three stops, in the first store it thundered and poured rain...heavy rain, I though the store was going to lose power.
DH called me because Vivi woke and was upset and wanting me. :(
But it stopped raining and I stayed dry getting in and out of the car to my second stop.
In the second store, a few minutes of shopping and it came down again just pounding on the store roof.
I rushed through shopping and DH called to tell me it was hailing like crazy at home, Vivian was scared and wanted her Mama.:(
 I was only a mile and a half away so I went outside with dread that my truck was going to be all dented by hail but it had stopped raining and apparently hadn't hailed at all though I did get my legs and sandals soaked in the giant puddles!

Vivi had calmed down so I made it to my last errand and went home.
I could see the line of where the hail had been, tree branches and leaves everywhere!
But it hadn't come where I was shopping.
There were still piles of hail when I got home, and even though it was hot and humid some of the hailstones were still quarter-sized!

Then I was unloading the groceries and I shut Vivi's arm in the refrigerator door.

She stuck her hand/arm in the back of the door when I was putting things in.
She has two possible bruises, it's hard to tell but doesn't look too bad.
Is this week done yet?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sick kids :(

Vivian was up for most of last night.
She kept saying her teeth/mouth hurt...(which meant she had a sore throat) and telling me she didn't feel good.
By morning she had a full-blown cold. Runny nose and watery eyes and just miserable. :(
This afternoon I popped a movie in the player and Vivi and I both conked out on the couch.
Well I napped until Shi woke me because she wanted to snack on some cereal.
When Vivi woke from her nap, she was all bleary and feverish. She had a temp of 102.7 degrees!
Motrin and a bath got it down to the 100 range.

But here at bedtime...or rather well past bedtime in Vivian's case and her fever is up again. :(
So I've given her some Motrin and she's laying on the couch next to me with a cool washcloth on her forehead watching a movie.
Hopefully she'll start to feel better and we'll get some rest tonight!

Shiloh is on the upswing now and starting to feel better so that's a relief anyways.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Grand like Grandparents

Thinking of you, Deb.
Aunt Fran will be greatly missed. :(

Shiloh is still recovering from her cold, she has the snuffly runny nose and a cough now. I went into her room this morning and found her trash can full of tissues and her tissue box quite empty.
She gets more emotional when she doesn't feel great though.

She wanted to play "Hide and seek" with Vivian today, and started crying because Vivi didn't hide and stay hidden.
I told Shi that Vivi is just little and it's a bit hard of a game for her.
Then Vivi piped up "Okay i hide, Shiloh." she ran down the hall to the bathroom and shouted "Okay i hidin' now! i hidin in da baffroom Shiloh!"
Even Shiloh started laughing at that. :)

One of Shiloh's reading words today was "Grand".
She beamed "Is that "grand" like "grandparents"??" lol, she was so pleased at that.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Snowman pancakes in June

Shiloh caught a cold. :(
She woke at 5:30 this morning because she didn't feel great.
Nothing sounded good to her for breakfast...until I mentioned snowman pancakes.
Her face lit up "OH! I thought those were only for Christmas!!"
Mama makes exceptions for sick children. :)
Other than not eating much, she did good through the day and played and had her normal energy.
So nice to have daughters to help me take care of the house. They love to wipe down the piano and their toys. They fight over who gets to use the feather duster and Swiffer.
If only it would last! :)
Shiloh likes to tell me "When I get older Mama, I'm going to wash ALL the dishes myself!"
Yay! ;-)
Vivian likes to help with the laundry too. Her job is to put all the kids socks in a mesh bag so they don't get lost in the wash.
Both girls will help hang up the wet clothes too, but sometimes Vivi gets frustrated with trying to put shirts on hangers.

They are afraid of the vacuum though so thankfully my husband is willing to often do the vacuuming while I have Vivian velcroed to my neck the whole time.

The girls like to "help" me clean the hamster bin too.
Mostly they just watch and pet the hamsters, and when I get everything clean they like to rearrange where everything goes in the bin.
Now that they know that the hamsters eat fruit, the girls keep offering pieces of their fruits and berries for me to give to the hamsters.
Shiloh was eating strawberries today and she nibbled one down to a tiny bite and told me she got it "hamster-sized" so I could give it to the the hamsters. :)
The hamsters are quite small though so half a blueberry is more than enough and takes them a good day to eat that!
At least the girls are learning good pet care and ownership. :)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Visiting the Grands

Bubbles with Grama! :)
Grama blew the bubbles and the girls chased them down with badminton raquets. :)

Such a beautiful day.
The girls always wear themselves out pretty good at Grama and Granpa's.
All that running around and fresh country air.
Petting and brushing Gizmo the cat...and picking fresh spearmint to give her. (works just like catnip).
Picking buttercups and holding it under their chins to see if they like butter (if it reflects yellow). ;-)
Watching the wide variety of birds that visit Grama's feeders, as versus the plain starlings and sparrows we get at home.
Feeding Granpa a five-course meal of plastic food and eating his hidden candy stores.

Not to mention how Vivian loves Grama's round pillows on her couch that make such good steering wheels and instantly transform the couch into a make-believe bus it was today, a boat. :)

We love visiting Grama and Granpa! :)

Friday, June 03, 2011

Cartoons & Coloring

Morning cartoons and coloring, what a nice way to start a day...
One girl has a gun and the other has a crown, ladybug wings and a stick unicorn. :)
Vivian thinks that the gun is some type of otoscope. It has a light-up scope and she keeps using it to check everyone's ears.
Perhaps she saw a similarity at Shiloh recent Doctor's visit for her ears? lol

Shiloh has impressed me so much with her reading. She's trying to read everything!
She told me that DVD menu read "Play all". The button on her game says "close".
She's trying to read bits of webpages that I pull up, she asked me to help her read "Google"...and even reading some cursive.
I can't take any credit, she really just understands words and is good at sounding them out. :)

She has a bit of a sore throat today. No fever or anything else so I've just been having her drink a lot. She kept complaining though so I gave her a little cold medicine, though I don't think it did much.
Might be this sudden change in weather we've had. My throat has been feeling dry but I think it's just the weather.
There's tons of pollen everywhere too!

Cinderella is using her confinement as a time to meditate.
Quite the yoga pose there!
That little bump on the bottom is her tail and the bumps on either side are her feet, that's how curled up she is!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Treason in the Kingdom of Hamsterdam

Hard to believe it's June!
In just a couple weeks, my baby will turn three! How is that possible?!
Every time I ask her what she would like for her birthday she says "cake, I want cake."
That's it!

We tried McDonald's Frozen strawberry lemonade today.
There was a coupon to try it for free in the paper a few weeks back. It is good!
The lemonade part is a bit tangy and the strawberry part is sweet, so you swirl them together and it's really tasty.
Shiloh loved it too. Vivian fell asleep and missed out but I think she would like it as well.
The only bad aspect is the brain freeze...and maybe the calories! ;)

Vivian is in major "why" mode. Everything is why. Everything!
I've found I can sometimes stop the whys by asking her a question instead of answering her...but it doesn't work all the time.
Me: "No cookies until after lunch."
Vivian: "But why? why no cookies?"
Me: "We need to eat lunch first, then we can have a cookie."
Vivian: "why? why eat first?"
Me: "Ooh, I have peanut butter and jelly! Does that sound good? or maybe egg salad?"
Vivian: "why peanut butter? why peanut butter and jelly?"

It's cute to some point, then it just feels annoyingly repetitive.

The furry princesses had a fight. :(
 Now Cinderella is in solitary confinement...or time-out as DH calls it, and Rory is nursing her wounds.
I told Shi that Cinderella needed a spanking but Shi was concerned that would hurt Cinderella. Lol, so time-out it is.
I noticed things were not normal in their furry hamster kingdom a couple of days ago. They had stopped racing out when I would feed them in the morning. They stopped sleeping together, and a couple times in the evening I found Rory sleeping under the water bottle which is just odd.
Then Cinderella attacked Rory and left her with a bloody foot and scabby back.
I removed Cinderella right away to the wire cage...and Cinderella once again managed to escape the cage.
So now she is in a small plastic cage I had on hand.
I put them back together this morning and it was a diva battle again, so Cinderella is back in "time-out".

I honestly don't think they're going to be able to go back together. Cinderella grew out of her baby stage and now she's got a Queen of the catwalk thing going.
I think I'll have to get her a bin and her own water bottle soon. I was waiting til Rory healed up to see if they'd be able to go back together again but the more I keep thinking (too much honestly!) about their personalities and how big Cinderella has gotten (despite the fact that she can still escape 1/2" bars!) and I just don't think it's going to work out.

So cool and windy today! Such a difference from the 80 degree temps we've been experiencing.
It was hard to convince the girls at first that they really needed socks and jackets before we left the house this morning....well until we opened the door anyways! :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

All Hail

It hailed today!
The hail was bigger than a pea but smaller than a grape. Hmm...I'd say peanut butter M&M size. That the only thing I can think of that's the same size. ;)
This is a picture of Shiloh holding a bit of hail from had already melted a bit in her warm hands.

The girls and I had to run errands this morning. We got wet but thankfully we were back home when the hail arrived.
Then Vivian fell asleep on the bench to our dining room table. I didn't take a picture but I should have.
I could start a collage of places that Vivian falls asleep at nap time!

We were woken up a bit early this morning by a thunder and lightning storm, so Vivi was pretty tired by afternoon.
We've been having a lot of summer storms lately!