Wednesday, June 01, 2011

All Hail

It hailed today!
The hail was bigger than a pea but smaller than a grape. Hmm...I'd say peanut butter M&M size. That the only thing I can think of that's the same size. ;)
This is a picture of Shiloh holding a bit of hail from had already melted a bit in her warm hands.

The girls and I had to run errands this morning. We got wet but thankfully we were back home when the hail arrived.
Then Vivian fell asleep on the bench to our dining room table. I didn't take a picture but I should have.
I could start a collage of places that Vivian falls asleep at nap time!

We were woken up a bit early this morning by a thunder and lightning storm, so Vivi was pretty tired by afternoon.
We've been having a lot of summer storms lately!

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