Thursday, June 30, 2011

At least it wasn't a baby Taz....

Yesterday I saw the Tasmanian devil, or at least our backyard version of it (aka: black groundhog).
Today our guest of honor is...

Remember our "Easter Bunny"?

Well, She has been rather busy since Easter.
See what I mean??

Hard to see?
I'll zoom in for you.

Such a tiny baby bunny.
The pictures are deceiving, he is only about the size of my hand.
He was hiding so still, and camouflaged so well that I nearly missed him.
By the way, just guess where his Mama hid him...just inches from my zucchini plants!

Hmm, such a nice nursery!
The girls were quite concerned about where his Mama was and why she left him alone.
I told them that she was just waiting for us to go and then she'd come back for him.
They wanted to bring him some bits of our green beans and Vivi also suggested that he might like a sweet potato fry.

We had gone out to pick green beans to add to our dinner, and our bushes did not disappoint!
So amazing to be able to pick such fresh veggies and eat them right away.
I love it!
As much as it endangers my garden, I do love that my girls get to experience finding baby rabbits like I remember happening when I was young. :)

I could do without discovering the "Tasmanian devil"...but you can't pick and choose these things!

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