Friday, June 03, 2011

Cartoons & Coloring

Morning cartoons and coloring, what a nice way to start a day...
One girl has a gun and the other has a crown, ladybug wings and a stick unicorn. :)
Vivian thinks that the gun is some type of otoscope. It has a light-up scope and she keeps using it to check everyone's ears.
Perhaps she saw a similarity at Shiloh recent Doctor's visit for her ears? lol

Shiloh has impressed me so much with her reading. She's trying to read everything!
She told me that DVD menu read "Play all". The button on her game says "close".
She's trying to read bits of webpages that I pull up, she asked me to help her read "Google"...and even reading some cursive.
I can't take any credit, she really just understands words and is good at sounding them out. :)

She has a bit of a sore throat today. No fever or anything else so I've just been having her drink a lot. She kept complaining though so I gave her a little cold medicine, though I don't think it did much.
Might be this sudden change in weather we've had. My throat has been feeling dry but I think it's just the weather.
There's tons of pollen everywhere too!

Cinderella is using her confinement as a time to meditate.
Quite the yoga pose there!
That little bump on the bottom is her tail and the bumps on either side are her feet, that's how curled up she is!

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