Friday, June 24, 2011

Family reunion on aisle 5

I woke up this morning with a headache, yuck!
Thankfully Exedrin helped it immensely. Vivian was up again a few times during the night so I'm thinking it's probably her last molar.
At least she doesn't know it's her molar, she's not scratching up her jaw or asking for medicine every two seconds.
I love her amber teething necklace! :)
She just wants me to cuddle her or some small request before she falls back's just the interrupted sleep that causes my fog-brain and headaches.

I took the girls out shopping today.
We first went to Walmart, even though I don't care for this particular Walmart.
They tend to be very disorganized and make a lot of mistakes, both with their customer services and with their prices...remember Vivian's $1 dinosaur that rang up for $36?
Well, they had their share of mistakes today too...

But we went out in the garden center and they had a lot of blooming plants and bushes.
Shiloh looked around and said "Wow! It's an angel garden!" Vivi piped up "Angel garden! Mama it angel garden!" :)
So we shopped around the "angel garden" a bit while the girls asked me how the angel garden got there and why was it there?
It was also nice to run into my sister and nieces and nephews there.
Shi kept asking if Grama was going to be coming too. Family Reunion! :)
Then we all went to Target. :)
I just like to walk around Target, with its nice wide aisles and less crowds.
Vivian was getting quite sleepy by then. She gets silly when she's tired and she kept trying to kiss me and laughing hysterically if I made a face or turned my head.
Then she wanted me carry her everywhere...Ow, she's getting heavy!

I made Tuna Noodle Casserole for dinner.
I used Ronzoni "Garden Delight" Radiatore noodles for a change. The girls always like different color pasta and this type says it has a full serving of vegetables per serving of pasta. Hmm...sounds good to me!
Tasty too!

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