Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday shopping

Yay! Finally the girls were feeling better today.
Vivian's nose is quite red and raw and a bit runny which drives her nuts, but no more fever!
We even ventured out shopping since I still had things to buy for a certain soon-to-be three year old. :)
Our shopping trip went pretty fast since both girls wanted to sit in the cart and snack on animal crackers. It's much faster pushing them around than going at their pace. :)

I was looking for tomato cages/fences but this Wal-Mart was all out. Amazingly enough our garden seems to have weathered all the hail surprisingly well!
I thought our tomatoes would be growing taller than they are, but they seem quite hearty so that has worked to an advantage with this crazy weather.
My three zucchini plants that had their stems broken in an earlier storm, surprised me. Propping the stems with sticks helped immensely and they managed to heal their stems themselves...all three of them!
They even have the beginnings of buds. :)

We also finally picked up a water bottle for Cinderella. Until now I've had to borrow Rory's water bottle and hold it for Cinderella to drink from a couple times a day.
Fortunately Cinderella was fine with being bottle fed but that certainly wasn't a long-term solution.
I tried using a small dish of water but she just climbed in it and then dropped bedding in there which soaked up all the water.

I actually finished my shopping quickly and then the girls wanted to walk so we just browsed for a bit.
We looked around the craft section. The girls were so excited in the yarn aisle. They kept bringing me different colored skein and showing me ones that were soft or variegated...they were more excited there than they were in the toy aisle.
I guess they take after their Mama! :)

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