Monday, June 06, 2011

Grand like Grandparents

Thinking of you, Deb.
Aunt Fran will be greatly missed. :(

Shiloh is still recovering from her cold, she has the snuffly runny nose and a cough now. I went into her room this morning and found her trash can full of tissues and her tissue box quite empty.
She gets more emotional when she doesn't feel great though.

She wanted to play "Hide and seek" with Vivian today, and started crying because Vivi didn't hide and stay hidden.
I told Shi that Vivi is just little and it's a bit hard of a game for her.
Then Vivi piped up "Okay i hide, Shiloh." she ran down the hall to the bathroom and shouted "Okay i hidin' now! i hidin in da baffroom Shiloh!"
Even Shiloh started laughing at that. :)

One of Shiloh's reading words today was "Grand".
She beamed "Is that "grand" like "grandparents"??" lol, she was so pleased at that.

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