Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
I made DH a big batch of cookies and a cake last night.(Three hour marathon of baking and washing three sinkfuls of dishes that the baking produced!) He likes cookies that he can bring into work with him especially since he's working a lot this week.
I also had the girls make up a page like the ones they did for Mother's Day.
Hmm, quite amusing!
The first one is Vivian's
This is Shiloh's...she drew her Daddy in a cage because she thought it was so funny.

Shiloh was supposed to draw a snake for her schoolwork (she read the word and was supposed to draw a picture of what she read). So we were talking about snakes and what colors they are and I asked Shi what she thought that snakes ate for food.
She frowned and said she didn't know, then suddenly perked right up. "I know what snakes eat! They EAT DUST!!"
Lol, I think that's her favorite part when we read about Adam & Eve. :)

We went to the grocery store this morning since I completely ran out of oil during last night's bake fest. DH likes to use the self-checkout but Vivi was so confused over why we had to keep telling her she couldn't help with carrying the bags before we were done and that she had to stop leaning against the counter every two seconds.
Our monitor kept blaring that we needed assistance and our cashier was probably rolling her eyes. ;-o
I think I'll stick to a human cashier next time!

What's the "Plus" in your Puffs Plus?? :)

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