Monday, June 20, 2011

Hmm...needs cheese!

I made my first lasagna today.
It was a lactose-free lasagna, and I was quite nervous about it.
Well after all I couldn't find a recipe that I liked so I kinda put together my own. I just wanted a "lactose-free" recipe and all the recipes I kept finding cut out more than just the dairy.

After making sure I got the "right" lasagna noodles...ugh, I still found out I bought the wrong ones!
I wanted the kind you boil first, but found that mine were "oven ready". I still boiled them, just for a few minutes and that worked great!

It is tasty....but not lasagna. :(
It doesn't hold together great so I think if I mixed the ingredients with simple elbow macaroni, I could have the same taste and less effort.
On the plus side, I got Vivian to eat both tofu and spinach (which were in the lasagna casserole) and she asked for seconds!
Shiloh ate a bit but she was highly deterred by all the work it took to remove each micro piece of green that she saw.

Shiloh is my fussy girl anyways.
I made oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies the other day. I have rarely included the raisins because Shi doesn't like them...but this time I did.
She ate three over a couple days before she discovered they had raisins! lol.
She was so flustered "Mom, I don't know how that raisin got in there...but I found TWO! There were two raisins and ONE chocolate chip!" ;-)

Sneaky, sneaky raisins!

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