Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I tawt I taw....

I looked out the window this morning and I thought I saw this...

Well, not exactly that.
Let me show you! I did snap a picture of course....

Do you see it? neither.
In the time it took me to turn the flash off on my camera, so it wouldn't glare against the glass, the creature had disappeared.
I rushed to another window, and then another but I couldn't see it anymore. The girls followed me asking "What was it Mommy? What did you see, was it an ant?"
Nooo...not an ant. (Do I really freak out about ants?)
"I tawt I taw a Tasmanian devil!"

We were just getting ready to run out to the store so I took a long time getting ready after that. I wasn't eager to encounter it.
I mean, really what was it!

Finally, after looking out all the windows to make sure there was no sign of the creature, I rushed the girls out to the car and we spent the afternoon shopping.

We came home and I was carrying sleeping Vivian to the door, when I saw a bit of furry blackness near the front of the house.
I jumped, then froze. (I know, I have awesome reactions in a crisis)
Big sigh of relief, was just a small black poodle being walked by a little girl.
(I know, not even a crisis anyways)

Okay, I've got to find out what this animal was otherwise I'm going to be jumping at every black shadow I see.
Trusty friend Google find something black...and furry...and devilish, or possibly has mange?
A schipperke with mange? No, wrong tail...
A black possum? Nope.

Hmm, a black groundhog? Do they even come in that color?
Aha, maybe that is it!

So that I can sleep at night, I will say that it is.
They do look remarkably alike.
Just compare a Tasmanian devil to a black groundhog.
Black groundhogs seem to be pretty unusual.
I had certainly never seen one before, I didn't even know groundhogs came in different colors other than shades of brown!

I think maybe I can venture out into my garden again...that is, if he doesn't eat it all!

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