Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miss V is turning three!

My baby girl is almost Three!

She was showing me that her lips were wet from eating grapes.
Daddy blew up this balloon last night, I thought it looked like "Slimey" from Sesame Street. So I drew a face on it. :)
These balloons pop LOUD! VERY VERY LOUD!
One popped during the night and woke me from a sound sleep. Eek!

This morning Vivian kept asking me to help her find her "Princess telly-cope".
Shiloh helped me to figure out that she was saying "Princess telescope" which actually is a Princess kaleidoscope. :)

One of our young neighbors suddenly blew loudly and off-tune on his trumpet.
I said "Ugh, what was that?"
Shiloh piped up "It wasn't me! I pooped yesterday!"
LOL, oh she's so funny. :)

When I tell Shiloh in a stern voice to do something, she salutes me and says with a little smile "Yes Sir, Miss Mama!" So sassy!

Vivian's potty has been "leaking". I wasn't sure what the cause was so I cleaned it and filled it up with water and left it overnight sitting on some paper towels.
It was dry underneath this morning.
So its been a bit of user error going on, I guess...

I decided to put the potty away then. A little celebration of turning three?
She did ask where her little potty went, and I told her I had to put it away because it was leaking and so far she's been fine with that.

The birthday princess has requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow, yum!

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