Saturday, June 25, 2011

or maybe we'll stay in...

Just sitting here on the couch with Miss Vivi, eating chips and pumice (hummus). :)
She's making her little toys say "Mmm! chips and pumice. Yummy, yummy! Ooh I eat pumice too." (lots of smacking noises)
Oops, monkey toy fell into the hummus!
So not wanting to waste the delicious hummus Vivi cleaned him a three year old would. ;-P

I took the girls outside this afternoon because they wanted to ride their bikes. Looking out our backdoor it was blue skies and nice and sunny.
When you came out the door and turned around though, you saw this....
We checked out the garden, took a few pictures of my baby zucchini...
...and green beans which are growing so fast!
Then Shiloh did a few laps of the driveway and it started sprinkling.
A few more laps and it was a deluge!
We were stuck in the garage for few minutes until it lightened a bit then we made a mad dash for the house.
So much for getting outside!

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