Sunday, June 05, 2011

Snowman pancakes in June

Shiloh caught a cold. :(
She woke at 5:30 this morning because she didn't feel great.
Nothing sounded good to her for breakfast...until I mentioned snowman pancakes.
Her face lit up "OH! I thought those were only for Christmas!!"
Mama makes exceptions for sick children. :)
Other than not eating much, she did good through the day and played and had her normal energy.
So nice to have daughters to help me take care of the house. They love to wipe down the piano and their toys. They fight over who gets to use the feather duster and Swiffer.
If only it would last! :)
Shiloh likes to tell me "When I get older Mama, I'm going to wash ALL the dishes myself!"
Yay! ;-)
Vivian likes to help with the laundry too. Her job is to put all the kids socks in a mesh bag so they don't get lost in the wash.
Both girls will help hang up the wet clothes too, but sometimes Vivi gets frustrated with trying to put shirts on hangers.

They are afraid of the vacuum though so thankfully my husband is willing to often do the vacuuming while I have Vivian velcroed to my neck the whole time.

The girls like to "help" me clean the hamster bin too.
Mostly they just watch and pet the hamsters, and when I get everything clean they like to rearrange where everything goes in the bin.
Now that they know that the hamsters eat fruit, the girls keep offering pieces of their fruits and berries for me to give to the hamsters.
Shiloh was eating strawberries today and she nibbled one down to a tiny bite and told me she got it "hamster-sized" so I could give it to the the hamsters. :)
The hamsters are quite small though so half a blueberry is more than enough and takes them a good day to eat that!
At least the girls are learning good pet care and ownership. :)

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