Monday, June 27, 2011

Surprise in the garden

Guess what we discovered today?
Do you see??
I knew those green beans were growing fast but I was still shocked to find that some were ready to be picked!
Our first harvest from our garden this year! yay!

The girls were thrilled to get out their bags and pick the beans! :)
Shiloh also took her little shovel out and spent quite awhile digging in the garden and getting the dirt just right.
Vivi and I opted to stay in the shade of the garage and just enjoy the weather. She just sat on my lap for awhile and then decide to sweep the garage.
She just kept forgetting to sweep "out" the garage and instead kept sweeping the dirt into the garage....

They rode their bikes for a bit too, though it was quite hot today so we didn't stay out too long. The girls get quite sweaty under their bike helmets!

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