Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is Me, on Autopilot

Vivian had a rough night, last night. Which meant that I had a rough night too.
I'm not sure what the problem was, she complained that her leg ached so maybe just growing pains or possibly even her last molar coming it.

I was so tired this morning, I went into this sort of zoned-out Autopilot.
I already had the coffee pot set the night before with mostly decaf, but I really could have used some regular coffee.
When the coffee was ready I poured a cup for both DH and myself...totally forgetting that DH wouldn't be up for about another hour.
I set his cup next to the laptop for him and forgot all about it until he came down and took a sip of cold coffee.

Then I was making a waffle for him and had cut most of it into tiny pieces until it dawned on me that he was perfectly capable of cutting his own waffle...and he didn't need it to be in such tiny pieces either!
He also ended up with about four or five plates of food in front of him. Some were the girls' plates, but it was a lot of food. I don't know what happened. lol
I was just soo tired!!

Shiloh sometimes gets bored with writing her name on her school pages. She think it's hysterical if I say something like "Okay you need to write your name now, so write "Grama" on the top." or "Can you write your name "Hamster Rory"? that's "H" for Hamster."
She giggles and says "No, my name is Shiloh! S-H-I-L-O-H! Shiloh".
Today I asked if she could write her name in cursive. I thought she did great, especially for not even being five yet!" :)

I took a brief nap while Vivi was napping...for about five minutes until Shiloh told me she was hungry.

I was so rested I decided to make pies. lol.
I stuck with fairly simple recipes so I wouldn't mess it up too badly in my sleep-deprived state.
At least I didn't burn my leg on the oven door like I did the other day...I didn't even have a good excuse for that!

Apple Crumb (before baking)...
....and Pumpkin.
(Didn't you know it's not just for Thanksgiving, it also celebrates the first day of Summer?) ;)
"Are you reading the can, Mom?"

"Is the can telling you how to make pie?"

Lol, that's what Shiloh asked me. And yes, I got the recipe from the pumpkin can.
That was probably the hardest part for my autopilot brain to comprehend. I had to rescue the can from the sink and recycling bag a few times!
"Ack! My recipe!"

Vivian is so impressed with Shiloh's ability to read now. Today she kept taking Shiloh around the house and asking her what this or that says. :)
It's adorable!
Shiloh is more than happy to show off her skills too, to the best of her abilities anyways.
Most times she can make out at least one word of whatever she's requested to read, and that is enough to satisfy her sister. :)

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