Thursday, June 02, 2011

Treason in the Kingdom of Hamsterdam

Hard to believe it's June!
In just a couple weeks, my baby will turn three! How is that possible?!
Every time I ask her what she would like for her birthday she says "cake, I want cake."
That's it!

We tried McDonald's Frozen strawberry lemonade today.
There was a coupon to try it for free in the paper a few weeks back. It is good!
The lemonade part is a bit tangy and the strawberry part is sweet, so you swirl them together and it's really tasty.
Shiloh loved it too. Vivian fell asleep and missed out but I think she would like it as well.
The only bad aspect is the brain freeze...and maybe the calories! ;)

Vivian is in major "why" mode. Everything is why. Everything!
I've found I can sometimes stop the whys by asking her a question instead of answering her...but it doesn't work all the time.
Me: "No cookies until after lunch."
Vivian: "But why? why no cookies?"
Me: "We need to eat lunch first, then we can have a cookie."
Vivian: "why? why eat first?"
Me: "Ooh, I have peanut butter and jelly! Does that sound good? or maybe egg salad?"
Vivian: "why peanut butter? why peanut butter and jelly?"

It's cute to some point, then it just feels annoyingly repetitive.

The furry princesses had a fight. :(
 Now Cinderella is in solitary confinement...or time-out as DH calls it, and Rory is nursing her wounds.
I told Shi that Cinderella needed a spanking but Shi was concerned that would hurt Cinderella. Lol, so time-out it is.
I noticed things were not normal in their furry hamster kingdom a couple of days ago. They had stopped racing out when I would feed them in the morning. They stopped sleeping together, and a couple times in the evening I found Rory sleeping under the water bottle which is just odd.
Then Cinderella attacked Rory and left her with a bloody foot and scabby back.
I removed Cinderella right away to the wire cage...and Cinderella once again managed to escape the cage.
So now she is in a small plastic cage I had on hand.
I put them back together this morning and it was a diva battle again, so Cinderella is back in "time-out".

I honestly don't think they're going to be able to go back together. Cinderella grew out of her baby stage and now she's got a Queen of the catwalk thing going.
I think I'll have to get her a bin and her own water bottle soon. I was waiting til Rory healed up to see if they'd be able to go back together again but the more I keep thinking (too much honestly!) about their personalities and how big Cinderella has gotten (despite the fact that she can still escape 1/2" bars!) and I just don't think it's going to work out.

So cool and windy today! Such a difference from the 80 degree temps we've been experiencing.
It was hard to convince the girls at first that they really needed socks and jackets before we left the house this morning....well until we opened the door anyways! :)

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